Eye Care In Digital Era ”


Today’s Human Civilization is Accustomed of Digital Tools and Surrounded With gadgets those operated Digitally, we interacts Every minute every hour with digital tools and and gadgets with the passage of epoch we had developed Advanced  systems, tools and mechanism to reduce physical efforts of humans and provide them an era of comfort, and introduce the entire civilization with ‘Digital Endeavour’ Where sitting before a computer system and on a single chair one can operate Significant number of operations involving corporate world ,Business, World of Entertainment etc. But this all had brought us to a stage of ‘Enslavement’ .It Seems Impossible to spend even a single minute without Mobile phones, Laptops, and digital Gadgets. All the deeds and operations are carried out by the means of digitalization and it is also the need of the hour. Today We spent long hours sitting before screens Emitting Blue Lights, UV rays which are Exceptionally Deteriorating for Eyes and Insensitive to eyesight give rise to various Significant Problems Like Dry Eyes, Eye Strain, Blurred Vision, Macular Degeneration and Computer Vision Syndrome, and have Capability even to Block the Colourful world.

So, In today’s world we must bring something in our Diet Schedules and Exercises that is enormously Important. Usage of foods and fruits and Subtle Exercises while working on screens can Sooth your Eyes.

: Fishes

Fish species like tuna,salmon, and mackerel etc. are composed of rich sources of Omega-3 fatty acids.This is very helpful and shows great effects in recovering dry eyes caused due to spending a lot of time on the computer system

: leafy green vegetables – 

Kale, spinach and collards are some of the leafy green vegetables highly composed of Zeaxanthin which is a crucial entity to protect eyes from long exposure to screen lights which are very hazardous to Retina and also helps in reducing risk of cataract.etc.

: Antioxidants and Citrus Containing Foods and-

Oranges, lemons and grapefruits are rich sources of Vitamin C which helps in protecting the capillaries of the retina and thus must be a part of daily dietary schedule

: carrots

Carrots are the most common available source of Beta carotene and vitamin A and believed traditionally in households for consumption and produce significant results to soothe eyes.

Alongwith Dietary plans We can introduce some crucial exercises in our daily domain to keep our eyes detected from any serious damage and problems. Subtle and habitual practices of some of exercises can exceptionally contribute to eye care. 


While working You must keep distance of 20-25 inches from screen and must keep eyes 4-6 inches above the centre.

:Light and Text Size

 While working on a system you must be aware regarding brightness and text size it may contract the cornea and can create eye contraction.You must keep font and brightness in Eye protecting mode.

:20-20 Rule-

After an interval of every 20 minutes while working you must take a gap for 20 sec and must look 20 feet around on surroundings to relax your eyes, etc.