A teacher with a difference

What is life how can you define or determine it ? Life is an integral process of transformation that passes through inevitable circumstances with sometimes as camaraderie and amiable but sometime like oil of vitriol amid of this changing process the phase of transformation is very incumbent and accumulates and describes what you are and this process of change and transition does not ignites by itself it needs catalyst, changing agent and when I through back myself down the line about passing epoch I confronted with a portray of a person that produce so charismatic essence even today when I set alone and close my eyes and explore those reminiscing moments it seems like He just entered in the class with informal green T-shirt with blue jeans wearing slippers.

His entrance was not so grandiose and even his appearance did not reflect even the slightest count of what a NOBLE LAUREATE he was. But He had something so fervent like keen in a mustard that was clearly projecting from his bright charming and confident eyes with shining face full of enthusiasm and excitement. and here starts the story of my transformation and it was the beginning of a new phase a phase full of exploration, a phase of igniting inner conscious, a phase of Enlightment, a phase towards a journey to know unprecedented and unknown with a zeal to counter the every possible reason of every possible query.

Whenever I sat seriously and think profoundly an image struck within the fiction of my story who was the protagonist of my underlying story who was the Antony of my Drama. I used to be a simple serene and an unexperienced little boy like a juvenile sitting in the front bench of class and have nothing significant zeal to know or to grasp things but suddenly after the augmentation of that innovative guy the story starts spinning every time he Exhorted the class, and filled every single student with a perspective of enthusiasm and eagerness to know more. every time with every single class he came with a magic stick and produce tremendous effects that compel me to think seriously to change myself and pause a question before me. this is the time getup and join the inner conscious of this great legend pious and piety form of learning join this person.

Even today I have every single incident on my fingers about those classes, those channels and processes through which I gone through and stands today what am I? it is all happen because of that Great innovator a teacher with a difference. every time I came with hardest possible query but that great man great and grandiose person with magnanimous attitude respond with the best practical and innovative solution. Even today I had remembered those incidents, he always approach every single query and question with a different mindset, mindset composed of unique approach, multiple disciplinary methods, methods full of innovative solution with the best practice of practicality, and the most significant thing that was induced within me because of great Endeavour and efforts of that great guy was power to visualize the things, exceptional thinking to articulate the realm of subject with the domain of real world what a guy that was really remarkable and exceptionally wonderous hard to for tale and explain within the limits of words.

what is that within him that makes him so significant and inevitably masterful ? Do you like Football ! Do you like dance ! or whatever you like that person is classical to figure out within single stroke of a second, He just inject his inner spirit and soul and completely lost within the conscious of students with great amount of passion and zeal and act and respond as per the requirement. you are a science fellow He will just deal with you Science Demeanour, If you love solving mathematics equations, He will produces roots and solutions with multiple approach for you. he will shake you deeply with deep and profound words that have height as well composed desperate and deliberate essence to lift the inner zeal oaf an individual this is all made him dynamic with a separate mechanism and framing structure with equilibrium of great social traditional and cultural values. He had passed through many tough times lost his beloved peers but stand boldly and it was like every passing incident was building him rather depletion, but he never bend before the situations always remained inclined towards ‘NEVER GIVE UP’ and his famous quote and assertion that produce stimulus within the stagnant world of Any child That is ‘LETS US TRY’. So, iconic in himself that produced so deep impact on me and my life that I had build a dream to be his Best Student.

Thing That makes him Reminiscing and Audaciously the great Innovator and Tutor. whether it was play ground composed of his skills to make a goal within a short glimpse of eye or flick of the wrist while batting he was a great athlete he was a teacher who teaches us mathematical modelling inside the four walls of classroom, morality in the the interval session and great spirit of sports under the open roof on green carpet of DPS. I never saw him empty always found him whether preparing foundation for the future of students or exploring the innovative approach to satisfy the inner persona of not only himself but also to project the best outcomes about anything from history to philosophy to mathematics up-to the great horizon of sports. I had remembered one incident very well I never think about to dance on floor it was a terrible thinking even to whisper but look at the phase changing efforts of that great guy , he ignites the lamp of dance within me prepare only me but mentored a large group of students and within a month produce the best possible group dance, he was a choreographer, dancer a director a musician of his own and I will confess he was homogenous and omnipresent and that made to conclude about him and to articulate him with one great fictional personality plotted in English literature ‘A Man Who Knew TOO Much’.

Tremendously, I had walk through a great journey of learning with him He fortified my inner conscious he transformed me he changed me and built Who Am I today. He was An audacious personality Mr. Aadesh pundir.

So, To pay serious regards and Respect for such a NOBLE LAUREATE I have nothing to discharge and everything will be meager and negligible to showcase my gratitude for his generosity I have words, My respected god the pure and piety form of god My Gurudev Ji Accept my serious and bending regards for you.

For Honourable and respected Aadesh sir.