sports for kids in india

Sports play a key role in our health. It helps us to sharpen our brain , grow in height, and to be fit. sports also play a key role in getting maturity in our behavior. It enhances the mood to bet cool. All the Psychologists and other persons to play sports at least for an hour. And they also say that it helps to build up self-confidence. Sports also helps in building up social skills which plays a key role for the survival in this society.

In India, sports are given with higher priority. But the bad part is, only half of the children in this country are getting an opportunity to play sports for an hour. Due to the pressure in their academics, they are losing their precious time for getting physically and mentally fit. They are not being a valuable childhood. With this, kids may be In danger. Because, sports enhance social skills, situation management that make them tackle every situation. But due to these types of academics, kids may be in a situation where they can’t tackle the situation in their life.

So by considering this, the government also passed an order that students should be given time to play sports in their curriculum. But some of the school authorities have kept it aside. So we have to educate them and the parents of those kids about the importance of sports. So that at least some of their parents will encourage them to play sports.


Its an important call for all the parents to let their child to play any sport and to ask the school authority for providing a games period in their curriculum.