India always had an internal problem of migrants. The Covid-19 pandemic has only made it look worse. More than 10 crore people are estimated to be migrant workers in India. A vast majority of them have been pushed out from poorer states to more developed ones. With the country going under a lockdown to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus, the migrant workers are in desperation to go back home. The railways on Monday said it has run 468 Shramik Special trains so far, ferrying over 5 lakh migrants. They are but a fraction of those who wish to go home. A small story of migrants and government mismatch. The name of the migrant is Rampukar Pandit, who was found sitting on the Delhi roadside. His home is in Bariarpur in Begusarai, Bihar, which is about 1,200km away from Delhi. He was talking on the phone and was crying uncontrollably on the Nizamuddin Bridge. Pandit worked as a labor in Najafgarh. His journey was cut short, as the Ghaziabad police officers did not allow him to travel any further. Even they cannot be blamed as they were carrying on their duty. Since then, he was stuck under the bridge. He was provided with food by some NGO workers and police officers, and he slept there itself. Conclusion:-government of India has planed to send all the migrants to their native place.but the set of conditions kept by the government has made all the migrants and their employer to get into a dilema .therefore this type of incidents are happening .before two-days of this publication,a women in bihar has died with starving in the sramik express which are running by government of India.she was thrown From the train including with her child.that child,whois n ot at the condition to know what happened to her mom.he kept playing beside her mom.so government should take somany measures to prevent a situation like this.

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