Realigning HR

While WFH has ensured that organisations continued to operate during the lockdown against the spread of Covid, people are now pining for fresh air, the smell of the office and the opportunity to meet co-workers and customers face-to-face.

In this time of crisis, personnel in healthcare and essential services have risen above and beyond the call of duty to care for others. Some have even sacrificed their lives for this.

The Digital Revolution with AI needs to be reinforced with a humane touch, wherein people are empowered with responsibility and flexibility. Culturally, we must keep sowing seeds of mutual care, sharing, respect and trust so that as organisations we are agile and resilient. What is needed is a sense of empowerment.

It is time we stopped recruitments and promotions without data and the right competencies needed for relationship management and values over skills. On-boarding may need a reorientation. Start developing leaders who excel in balancing compassion with objectivity, believe in the success of others and continue to unlearn, learn and relearn with the emerging environments and needs of customers.