Our country is majorly divided into two, Rural and Urban India. This divide of society is based on the living standard of the people and not on caste, creed, religion or language. No doubt our government is emphasizing on Industrialization, infrastructure development and health care centers but rural areas were neglected most of the times and this led to a vast gap between the living standards of rural and urban India.Acute electricity supply, poor roads, poor transport service, poor infrastructure gives us a clear view about the rural India. Almost all the people of rural India are engaged in agricultural sector and this is the only source of income for the. On the other hand, Urban India has proper electricity supply, good roads , satisfying transport services and excellent infrastructure.Even the job opportunities in Urban areas are vast as compared to Rural areas. The people of rural India can only do wprk in their farms and field, it is not like they don’t want to do anything other than that but the thing is they don’t even have any job options which they can opt for. If their crop gets damaged due to any reason, they suffer huge loss. Rural people don’t even have access to the newly developed tools with the help of technology, they do all their field work without any modern tools.

As far as education is concerned rural India is still behind urban India. The children of rural areas have to walk miles to go the most nearest school, and even that school don’t provide any higher education. The school don’t even have enough staff and the infrastructure is not good too. On the other hand urban India is flooded with private and public schools. Students are provided with the best infrastructure and excellent qualified staff.In urban areas there are mainly three societies- poor, middle class and upper class. Most of the people are no one else but the people who have migrated from rural areas to urban areas in search of jobs. Most of these are unskilled labors and get very low wages even after their hardwork.

There is a vast gap between rural and urban India and it is challenge for the entire nation to fill it. Although various governments of India have been introducing many schemes and projects to develop the rural parts of the country but the condition is still the same. No one has been able to find the actual real solution for the development of rural areas but we can hope for the best .