A useful method for farming


Crop Rotation is the practice of Growing a series of different types of crops in same field across a sequence of Growing seasons. By this it improves soil health,combat pest,weed pressure and optimise ecological balance

The most important factor of crop rotation is four field Rotation. The sequence of four crops (wheat,barley,clover and turnips) included a fodder crop,graze crop and allowing live stock to be bred year round. This helps a great Agricultural revolution in Britain.

The Advantages of crop rotation is Increases Soil fertility,Increases crop yielding,increases soil nutrients and ph level,Reduce soil erosion,Control of pests and weeds,Reduce pollution and Improves soil structure.

Way to yield more crop.

There are some disadvantages like poor farmers think it is a risk factor, Improper Implementation makes more damage and loss, obligatory crop diversification and Time to adopt for a new crop for land.

If we don’t crop rotation for many years we face problems like breakage of ecological balance,losses soil fertile,less yield , more chance to weeds and pests and loss of ph a very much.

Crop rotation makes new glamour to old field.