Failures and its Prevention


Crop Failure is an absent or Greatly diminished crop yield relative to expectation ,caused by the plants being damaged,Killed or destroyed in some conditions that they fail to form crops,seeds,leaves,fruits,pulses.

One of the effects of farming is the frequent complete loss of crops due to adverse weather conditions or pests. We explore what causes catastrophic conditions of crop failure by soil and climate

Some examples of Crop failure is Great famine ,Heavy Rains , Volcanic eruption, poor harvesting ,Floods,de salinity land,soil erosion,over fertilization,over desertification,using too much chemicals and unsustainable farming.

Famines and floods

The preventions for crop failures is using sustainable seeds,using digital tools and farming, By using organic materials and maintain low temperature at rate of reproduction by ecological balance.using bed and furrow system of field to prevent floods .

The most effective crop loss preventions are Fertilization,pruning,weeding, loosening the soil,Removal of crop residues,crop rotation and other works of tilage. Constructing ponds,dams and resoirvoir at bank s of fields for alternate source of famine and floods.