Weird facts about Dreaming

Dreaming is a part of sleeping. We dream every night whether we remember it or not. Some dreams are happy, sad, scary, etc.

There are many weird facts about Dreaming that your weren’t aware of

  • Not all of us have a colourful dream. 12% of the population has black and white dreams.
  • The dreams that we see in the morning are generally longer.
  • While we are dreaming our muscles are paralyzed to avoid actions due to dreams.
  • The dreams that we see again and again have one theme. For example, it could be about being chased, falling, agressive actions, etc.
  • The part of our brain that is responsible for making sense of things shuts down and therefore, the dreams that we see make no sense.
  • Whatever we think in a day or two, those thoughts are responsible for what we see in a dream.
  • In our dreams we only see faces that we’ve seen before.
  • When you are in a good mood and not stressed, you are more likely to see a happy dream.
  • Women have more nightmares (scary dreams) than men.
  • We see nightmares mostly during the last part of the night.
  • Sleep paralysis is a disorder in which the body gets paralyzed when you are in between the state of being awake and asleep.
  • Eating late night just before sleeping isn’t helpful as it increases the metabolism and the brain becomes more active. As a result, chances of having a nightmare increases.
  • Blind people can see images when they dream.
  • Pets have dreams too.
  • We forget 95 to 99% of our dreams.

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