Searching- Movie Review

Searching is a 2018’s social media mystery directed by Aneesh Chaganty, where a father desperately uses every facet of the internet to find out his missing daughter .
Starting on an empty window desktop, to creation of two accounts David (father) and Pamela (mother), the beginning of a new family computer showcases videos of family baking, dates of pam coming back from the hospital, birth and growth of Margo. Pam dies due to cancer and this incident lingers heavily over David and Margo(daughter).
One afternoon, Margo goes out for a study session at her friends house and tells her father that she would do a sleepover at her place. In the midnight Margo calls David a several times but he could not take any of the calls as he was slumbering. Next morning when he called her back, she did not answer. He got more anxious when he noticed that she had not taken her laptop along, which she would cling to, the whole day. Thirty seven hours after David’s 16 year old daughter goes missing without a single lead, he decides to file a missing report and team up with a detective(Debrah Messing).
David’s (John Cho) character was super relevant and real. I could see the annoyance in his eyes when he wasn’t able to find any clue about his daughter. He searched about every small character who would have hints about Margo. But all they had to say was, ‘Sorry, We cannot help you, we don’t know her much’.
Later, when this became a trending news, the same characters were seen crying, making videos and talking about how much they loved her. This draws a notice towards the hypocritical nature of people.
When things and people become popular, people tend to show concern. However they hardly get affected otherwise.
From the very beginning, the movie has a musical store that keeps you know in fictional narrative.
The movie used the name of applications such as Google, Facebook etc for which the movie had to pay. The editing of the movie took one and a half year, so as to make sure the audience can be served with some good content and definitely a lot of suspense.
The ending of the movie has a lot that keeps you bind. You will be wanting to know what happens next. If Margo is alive or dead.