Mcleodganj which is located in the kangra district of Himachal Pradesh which is covered by the Dhauldhar ranges of the Himalayas. If you are among the person who loves travelling then this place is suitable place for you.
Top 10 places to visit mcleodganj:-
Bhagsu waterfall: – This the fall which is among the green mountains, the water came across all the way from snowy mountains and falls here which became it the famous tourist attraction. People usually visit here to have the feel of cold water and for clicking awesome pictures. The view from here just takes you to another level.
Bhagsunag temple: – This temple is situated between the snowy mountains, the temple has a pool nearby where people usually bath and around them many food corners which has the speciality of (Aloo ka prantha). The nearby structures just give you a lavish feel whenever you visit the temple.
Tsuglagkhang complex: – This place is famous because of the residence of Dalai lama. That is why people visit here because of the popularity of this area. Many Buddhist and Janis visit here because of the worshipping.
Dharamkot: – It is a famous tourist place because it located above mcleodganj. From here you can get the perfect view of the Dhauldhar mountains. It is commonly known because people visit here because of the medication centre. Another advantage of this area is because here they worship and take out the practice of Buddhism.
Tibetian museum: – it is the famous attraction point for the people because of its location inside Tsuglagkhang complex because it has the famous eye appealing documentary, pottery and artwork of the tibetian people, it shows how these people use to live and how they worship their lord
Maharana pratap sagar lake : – It also known as the pong dam lake, it is artificial river but became a famous tourist spot for many people because of the clear water. You can do many activities like boating, fishing, and bird watching with beautiful landscape.
Minikiani pass: – if you are among the people who likes adventure then this is the place for you, you can do hiking and trekking with various other activities out there is danger in hiking while monsoon because of the route became slippery. Bagalmukhi temple:- If you like to explore the ancient places and monastery then this place is for you, because it consist a marvellous architecture, which has a famous past of its own. It is said that it is dedicated to the ten mahavidyas of the supreme goddess according to their shaktism.
Kareri lake: – if you want to admire natural beauty then this lake will not make you upset. It is a great place for clicking pictures because of the crystal clear water.
Kangra fort: -It is a perfect place for those who want to indulge into history and wars, this fort has faced many wars and invasion which makes it a attraction point for tourist