A blanc- cooking in buttercauliflower, au blanc- white liquid- mushroom, a
brun- to brown
A la- amandine, láncienne, l’anglaise, bourgeoise, broche, carte, diable,
francsaise, al’huile, greque, king, minute (to order), mode, orly, parmigiane
westphaliene- salt pork wrap roast, juniper berries, herbs, diced apples,
thick gravy
Abaisser- to roll a pastry/ dough
Abatis de volaille- giblets, gizzards
Abats- offals,
Acidulated water- 1 tspn lime juice / pint
Acrolein- on excess heating, fats and oils decomposes into fatty acids and
acrolein, responsible for pungent smell
Aging—34-36f Agneau￾Aile- wing part of poultry/ game bird
Aigrettes- cheese straw
Ailerons- winglets
Airelle rouge- cranberry
Aloyau- sirloin
Alylest- a dish of giblet and liver
Ameaux- puff pasry incorporating eggs
Amourettes- bone marrow
Anana- pineapple
Anchois- anchovy
Anchoidae- nchovy flavoured dish Andouille- sausages of pok chitterlings, andouillette
Angelique- angelica,
Animelles- means the internal edible viscera of animals.
Anis- aniseeds
Appareil- prepared mix
Arroser- baste
Arromates- flavoring compouns in stock.
Artichoke- globe- flower, Jerusalem- tuber
Ascorbic acid, acetic acid, citric acid,
Assaisonner- to season
Assiette anglaise- cold meat platter
Assorti- assortment
Attereaux- skeweres
Attelet- skewers with metal head
Au – beurre- butter, choix, four (baked) Italian, gras (meat rich gravy),
gratin- (under salamander with sauce, cheese, butter, breadcrumbs), jus,
maigre, naturel, sec (reduce)Vin blanc- white wine, Vin Rouge- red wine,au
choix- of choice, de choix prime quality
Avocado- Alligator pear
Large kernel, soft rind, yellow pulp, delicate rich flavor, red purple, green
Bacteria- microorganisms
Bag out- piping
Baking soda- in vegetables- spoil Vit C
Barder- covering with bacon fat, fat strips- lardon
Bar le duc- jam from red currantwithout seed, town in Lorraine, France
Baron- roast with leg and loin, double baron- poultry boat shaped pastry case
Bast- to brush with fat or a mix with flavours and liquids brushed
Bat out- press to get a size
Baume- Antoine Baume, hydrometer, concentration
Beaf tea- concentrated beef stock
Beignets- fritters
Bel passé- a cheese
Beurre – fondue (melted), noir (black), noisette (walnut),
Beurre manie- kneaded butter, equal butter and flour, thickening agent,
Blanchir- white (bones, meats), retain color (green), skin out (tomato), limp,
less volume, preserve, further cooking faster- in particular without color,
preservation, taste, maintain texture,
Blanquette- white stew
Bloaters- a processed fish
Bloom- chocolate- White, bread crust, sugar- white specled appearance,
Boiled icing- thread stage- 238f, egg white, confectioners’sugars
Boaston Bake- baked beans
Bouchees- small puffcastry cases with filling
Bouilir- to boil
Bread- 11-13% gluten, two ways, high ratio method,
Brine- salt solution used for canning and food preservation
Brunoise- saltsolution used in culinary
Bouillon- a variety of clear unpassed soup without thickening
Canape- the smallest variety of open sandwich
Carapace- shell of lobster Casserole- dish used for stews
Cassoulet-de Toulouse- beans cooked with sausage meat.
Chapelure- dried bread crumbs- fried dried bread, dry- Raspings
Chateaubriand- middle/ family steak
Chauffant- Pan of hot salted water for reheating foods
Chili corn carne- Mexican beans cooked with tomato puree, and meat
Chinois-china cap
Choux paste- egg added at 68c/ 150f,
Civet- brown stew, game- hare, blood
Cloute- studded, cloves
Concasse- roughly blanched chopped tomatoes and cooked sauce with this
Contrefillet- boned sirloin of beef
Cook- Au bleu, saignant, a point, bien cuit
Cordon- thread/ line of sauce, kidney shape, Cordon bleu cookery style
Cote- rib chop
Cotelette- cutlet
Coulis – puree
Coupe with accent- cut, without accent- individual serving bowl, mould,
Crème fraiche- fresh cream
Creole-a sophisticated pidgin -Eng, Dutch/ Portugaise, Fr- language that
served as a mother tongue and spoken in the Caribbean, people of mixed
descent living in the Caribbean or Latin America
Crepe- pancake
Crepinette- flat sausage with crepine
Cromesquis/ Kromeskis- fried with yeast battertill golden brown
Croquettes- Frit a lánglaise Croustades- on crust
Cuisine- Care of equipments, Understanding the basic methods, Safety in handling equipments, you and others, Initiation you have to take, neatness in doing workand presentation, efficiency in yourself
Cuisse de poulet- chicken leg
Couvrir- cover, coat
Darne- cut of fish on the bone in round fish
Deglacer- taking out theflavouring from cooking pot
Degraisser- scum,
Desosser- debone
Duxelle- choppe mushroos, garlic and scallions or onions cooked togrthet,
basic continental flavoring,
Ecclairs- choux pate baked finger shape with sweet /savory filling
Entoleter- Antifungal machine-Maida, high impact against hard surface
Escalope- thin slice of meat favorably veal
Entrecote- a steak cut from the boned sirloin￾Escherichia coli- sewage, soil, vegetables,
Fait tout- flared sides
Fines herbes- Parsley, Tarragon and Chervil
Flake-break into natural segments- fish, chicken,
Flan- a type of baking flat with filling and bright finish, asavory or sweet with
differet names
Fleurons- half moon shape flakies for garnish specifically dfish
Flutes- a gsrnish in French onion dsoup, a floating bread crust with chesse
and egg yolk
Fondue- dish- egg, milk, cheese, bread,
Frappe—chilled Fricasse- meat, poultry
Frijoles- beans, fat, seasoning
Friture- pan with deep fat, frying kettle
Gamberoni- large Pacific prawn
Glace- / Glaze- color ubnder salamander, reduce vegetable liquid- carrot,
Graham Flour- whole wheat flour named after Sylvester Graham, 19th
century, American dietary reformer
Hache- finely chopped/minced,
Hollandise- hot emulsion sauce with egg yolk and clarified butter
Herrings- a popular variety of fish in Europe
Jardinière- jardin- garden, baton
Jus lie- false gravy prepared with carcasse, deglaced liquid, mirepoix, and
other flasvourings available to match the dish.
Knock down- punch to remove carbon dioxide after fermentation
Lardon- batons of thick streaky bacon
Limpa- Swedish rye bread,
Lobster- tomalley, Medaillon, Tomalley (liver), Carapace
Macedoine- ½ cmxcmxcm, ¼ “x”x”,
Mackerel, Kippers- fish
Mayonnaise- cpold emulsion of salad oil and egg yolk, developed by Bayon,
Mignonette- coarsely ground pepper, mill pepper- from peppermill
Mousse- is a light soft preparation either sweet or savory in which the
ingredients are whisked, or blended and then folded together. Mousses are
often set in a mouldand usually served cold. Savory mousse are served as an
horsdóeuvre or entrée, msy be based on fish, shell fish, poultry, foie gras,
ham, vegetables etc. Sweet mousses are usually based as fruitsor flavoring
such as chocolates or coffee. Mushrooms- Cepes- Boletus edutes- spongy gills,chanterelles. Chanterellus cibaricus- fluted margin , smoothy yellow on top, plated up the
stack, under the cap like ribs in a fan vaulted church, Field mushroom￾Agaricus campestris- pushing its white cap up through the grass in the
morning. Pinkish fawn benearh and soft to tough makes the best sreakfast
dishes, Grisette, Matsutake/ Gucchi, Morel- Morchella esculenta- springtime
mushroom resembles a brown sponge, and is hollow in the center, Oyster,
Rubbe Brush, Shittake, Truffle,
Napper- coat, mask
Native- English oysters
Navarin- brown, lamb/ mutton
Noisette- boned out loin of lamb
Nouvelle cream- adding cream to reduced stock
Oignon Pique- Pricked onion with cloves, wrapped in bay leaf
Oignon brule- Burnt onion
Pailarde- scallop of meat pounded until thin, usually grilled
Pane- sprinkle or coat with crumb, fry mis en place,
Pantin- pate baked in a crust without any mould, simply in a baking sheet,
not a common preparation- like wellington
Papillote- wrapped in paper for further cooking
Par stock- Stocks necessary to cover operating needs between deliveries
Parts of knife- point, edge, back, blade, rivet- blade inside handle, handle,
heel, tan/ nots
Pastrami- Highly spiced corn beef brisket
Paupiette- stuffed and rolled (strip of meat)
Paysanne- fermier- even, thin, pieces- triangle, round, square
Pellicle- membrane,
Persillade- a mix of parsley, breadcrumb, butter / oil and other things for
roasting and grilling Persil- parsley
Pesto- thick, puree, herb- basil, for pasta, garnish soup, with grated cheese,
nuts, seeds, seasoning and of various types
Petite marmite- stock pot literal meaning, seasoned stock used as sopup
served in a double handled special container in large quantity
Pie- covered crust with height for baking
Pince- Fr- to caramelize – sauté- tomato
Pique- oignon pique
Poultry and games- Breast- Blanc, Carcass- Carcasse, wing- Aile, Wnglet￾Ailerons, Drumstick- Grass de cuisse, Thigh- Pilon,
Profiteroles- small chous paste bakes with filling
Raft- consommé residue
Refresh- to put into hot water and remove
Rissoler-frying to golden brown
Rondeau- shallow- straight side, two loops
Roulade- rolled in french
Sabayon- the ribbon flowing consistency or a sweet made with syrup, egg
yolk, port/ Marsala/ Rum -Zabaglione
Sachet dépices- Fr- Parsley stems, cracked peppercorns, dried thymes,
Sautoir- straight, Sauteuse- slope
Scald- to put into very hot water and remove
Score- to put cut marks and also the evaluated marks given by connoisseurs
Scrapple- boiled mixture of pork trimming, buckwheat, corn meal
Silverskin- tough connective tissue that surrounds certain muscles
Singe- cook to golden brownSmorrebrod- smothered breadlurry- liquid with starch
Smother- to cook in a covered pan with a little liquid over the heat
Smitane- mild- onion, scallion, not shallots, mild flavour
Souffle- puffed- a hot preparation which is served straight from the oven
that it is well risen above the height of the mould in which it is cooked. It is
served as horsd’oeuvres (savory) or sweets
Spas cooking- cooking style – high quality, well presented, help the chef de
pertie as necessary
Spring form pan- round, straight side pan; sides are formed by a hoop that
can be unclamped and detatched from base
Spumoni- i/c, in different layers with nuts
Squab- domesticated pigeon that has not begun to fly, 3-4 month, 1lb, light,
tender, sauté, roast, grill
Steel- 14’’/ 33-50 cm rod used to refresh the knife, keep sharp
Stroganoff- Sauteed beaf in sour cream with mushroom and onions
Strudel- Pastry made of paper thin rolled dough
Sucrose Polyester- SPE- looks, smells, tastes like ordinary cooking oil, but is
not absorbed by body.
Supreme- veloute and heavy cream, breast, fillet and wing of chicken, fish
fillet cut into triangles like fillet of small fish
Sweat- Cook in fat under a lid without color
Swiss- pound meat, (beef), flour, seasoning, – breaks–tender
Taste- sweet- sugar 1 -200 parts, salt- inorganic salt,- 1-400 parts- sour￾acid1 to 1, 30, 000, bitter-alkaloids1- 20, 00, 000- quinine delectably bitter
Tea rolls- small sweet buns
Temper- heat chocolate gently and gradually, gradually raise temperature,
incorporate hot liquid gradually into a liason, add flavoured hot oil- Indian
with panchphoran
Tempura- seafood, coated with batter, deep friedTorte- german, cakes, layer, large fancy, enriched wuth cream, marzipan,
Tragacanth- gum to set, from Astragalus exudes,
Trichinella spiralis- spiral, Trichinosis vulgare-Trichinosis nematode,
Trifle- desserts, English, layers, sponge, custard sauce, whipped cream,
preserves, jelly
Tripe- edible stomach lining
Trough- shallow container, hold large mass of rising dough
Tunnel- hole in bread, a problem in slicing and making sandwich
Tutti frutti- mixture of candid fruits
Vacherin- crisp meringueshell, cream, fruit,. Other item
Waffles- American confection baked from a thin batter between heated
waffle irons. They are eaten with liberal helps of maple syrup, jam, honey or
melted butter.—veg cut- grid/ basket weave,
Weinerschnitzel- breaded veal cutlet served with lemon
Xantham- gum, emulsifier, stabilizer, fillings, syrup, solution very thick but
Tremp- soak, steep
Tripe- 1
st and 2nd stomach- Rumen, Reticulum- of bovines, cleaned, scalded
Truffles- Perigord – France, Umbria in Italy, White- Piedmont- Italy
Vesiga- spinal marrow of Beluga sturgeon
Vichy- springs
Vichyssoise- potato, leek soup, chicken stock, cream, chill, chives
Vol au vent – puff pastry shell with filling
Zabaglione- a special Italian sweet
Zampone- skinof pig’s feet stuffedwith sausage mix
Zwieback- hard, crispy, toasted biscuits



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