Study looks at future Marketing on social media

As more brands are turning to social media to connect with consumers, it’s no surprise that marketers are working to utilize the many features on Instagram. Earlier this year, Social Media Today and the team from SEMrush published a survey of over 800 digital marketers in the State of Instagram Marketing 2019 report, sharing insights into what markers are doing on Instagram, what they’re seeing success with and where they see future potential.  

In a post summarizing its latest report (“The State of Instagram Marketing 2019 – Part 3: Future Marketing Opportunities on Instagram”), Social Media Today’s Andrew Hutchinson narrowed in on three key topics covered by the survey:

To help set a baseline, all respondents were asked the question, “Are you currently using Instagram for marketing purposes?” More than 90% indicated they were. 

According to the report marketers see Instagram as a social media platform that will be with them for the long haul. Sixty-four percent of respondents indicated that Instagram is either extremely or very important to their broader social media marketing strategy. Almost 72% of respondents indicated that it’s very likely that Instagram,FaceBook,e.t.c.,