Why Am I Writing…

I put some letters write some words but at the next moment, I erased the sentence and start thinking about another topic to write upon. Once I engaged in an imagination creating plot within mind creating the role of characters but at the same moment there comes a feeling which is obnoxious that someone is validating me, the title which I had imagined and articulated plot with it, is under some verification which arouses many questions in my mind is this topic valid with the perception of society ? is this articulated with the thoughts of people around me? Hence a kind of riddle framed within my mind draws me to erase the text and sentences again and again but amid of this confusion and determination of writing something my zeal of writing wins over the confusion which penetrates me which makes me arduous, fervent and enthusiastic about writing.

Writing an article or writing in any kind of format and structure is not just writing words and linking sentences it contains whole emotions, essence, comprehension, and themes. writing is a voice for an author it is what implies implicitly the tone and idea of the author. the writing speaks the author’s position in a certain situation what he thinks? what he analyses? what he is perceptible about? without any slightest count of physical indication, writing delivers its broad message without any violation. and here lies the answer to my question why am I writing?

Feeling Of Cherishing: With every word and with every sentence it gives me immense pleasure and feeling of cherishing when I sat and start writing vibrant ideas perceptions and thoughts etc. starts emerging in mind and when I pen down my world of imaginations it soothes me it cherishes me.

Message to the outward world: Being a common personality like billions I have no supporters like a big celebrity and political figure. it is very hard to gather a large number of people before a speaker from where you address a large number of interested people with your propaganda but it seems very easy and affordable for me to deliver my message my thoughts my propaganda through writing where I can circulate my message to a large number of people.

I would like to share my Emotions: I am not an expert in writing articles neither I am an expert in delivering my comprehension within the perfect boundaries of Context. But I have Certain Perception towards things going around me, I have Emotions and thoughts regarding society, country, politics, trade, philosophy, sports, and what the life witnessing I have an inner Voice which would like to say something the voice which can be paradoxical ironic, acerbic, critical, objective, etc. but does not influence by any dogma. it is the voice that would like to say something to the extrovert world and that voice can be best reached and can draw attention through writing. My Ideas Thoughts and perception towards things can be best delivered through my writing that does not stop me that does not count the number of words and constraints that only allowed me to inject my emotions and comprehension in my own way.