TV and kids

Television, a major source of entertainment. For all the age group people, be it kids or the old aged. Everyone can enjoy their personal content. Where kids love to watch cartoons and fictional shows…youngsters watch serials or reality shows…middle aged people gives major attention to the news…old aged group people tune into the bhajan and astha channels. All the kind of age groups have their own interests of content, therefore it is the responsibility of the directors of the serials to show good and genuine content.

Kids tend to learn faster when the things are shown lively..whats better than watching it on TV. As said kids learn things whatever they are seeing and grasp whatever is happening around them. Prime responsibility is of parents to keep a watch on what kind of content their children are watching..but some responsibility is also of the directors and the creators of the shows. They should have limits on what kind of contents they are showing as it will be on air and everyone will be watching them. Shows like Horrid Henry, Shinchan, Doraemon gives false impression on the children. When they watch such things they try to copy them..Horrid Henry lies about various things, always teases his younger brother and run away without saying to his parents..This looks fun at starting but you should also know that some or the other day your kid may copy that. Shinchan is everyone’s favourite cartoon ever and its an evergreen show till date but even this teaches wrong behaviour, and this particular show has many fan followers so be careful what they shows in the cartoons. Doraemon gives wrong hopes to the children and Nobita’s character always procrastinate things and always shown lethargic towards work, depending on him, seeking help from Doraemon. Because of this kids are slowly forgetting about the outdoor-indoor games and always sitting at one place staring at that dead box(TV). Also, These are all my personal favourites…but your kids responsibilities are in your hands. I am not asking to completely avoid shows but have control over what your children are watching. Being careful now will help in future.