The story goes in the early 90’s. A student who for the education purpose was living away from his home without having any disturbance through his family. He used to live in the city of Rajathan. He got the invitation from one of his close friends to attend his cousins wedding. It was in the village of Rajasthan somewhere near by to that city but still far as of his reach. He was 17 back then and was living alone. So he gave it a thought and as he was living far from the village how will he be able to go were the thoughts running in his mind. He refused to go and tried to cancel the plan but at the same time was curious to attend the village’s wedding. So atlast he decided to visit the village and attend the wedding.

After informing to his parents he left soon to attend the wedding which was scheduled 2 days later. He reached the village and his friend picked him up from the station and both went to his friends house. His friends was happy as they were meeting after long time. After freshing up he takes some rest so that he can attend the rituals later. He wanted to travel the village but his friend refused as he was quiet busy but he asked multiple times so his friend couldn’t refuse. It was already evening..and luckily one of his friends uncle asked them to sit in their car but mid way they have to leave as his uncle had some work. Now it was getting dark and no vehicle was passing by. After waiting for long time a bus arrived so they both without giving it a thought sat in the bus. There were few villagers around 10-12 including them both. Slowly by every passing stop people were leaving the bus as their destination arrived and a time came when only those 2 friends and the conductor and the driver were left. Both were worried as it was dark and had no cellphones and smart phones to carry around. They were getting negative thoughts and were afraid that they might get bankrupted by robbers in the midway or the conductor and the driver were the goons of the robbers as it was common in those day.

They were in some vacant area where no one seems around even from far side. After around 10-15 minutes out of nowhere the bus stopped and their heart throbbed. They were in utter shock and disbelief as whatever they were thinking was slowly turning into reality. Now both the conductor and the driver gave fishy look. Both the friends gave the numb look as they didn’t know what was going to happen. After being asked they told that they are going out to have some snacks and tea as they are hungry. Both friends believed that sonething is fishy and were terriefied as hell. As soon as the conductor and driver got off the bus they slowly put on the door lock and closed each and every window. Now they got some relief as they both were in the bus but soon they will be returning to the bus was terrifying and were giving them chills. Both were cursing each other for not listening. Soon the enjoyment was turning into the matter of survival. And they heard the knock on the door..both the driver and the conductor came back to the site and were knocking on the door but both the friends refused to open. Whatever they were speaking were not audible either side as the windows were closed so they couldn’there each other. The conductor and the driver thought that they are planning to take away the bus and both the friends were thinking that they are planning to rob them and kill.

After that the conductor and the driver started to knock more rapidly and loudly and were shouting fron outside like anything. One of them after observing the action of conductor and the driver thought that they are trying to explain something and they opened one window into half..! The driver and conductor sighed out of relief and asked why did they close the doors and the windows..and on the other side both the friends asked that where in this vacant jungle area they found tea seller..both the conductor and driver were confused and laughed loudly and told them that the diesel has been finished in the bus and it was at the back of the bus so they went to bring and fill it ; )