Is the exam is necessary?

Exams are held to analyze the knowledge of the students. Many of the students have the wrong belief that the examinations are not necessary and so many of them get irritated by hearing the word “Exam” because their mentality about exams is very poor. Examinations were helped to explore our capacity and skills. Only through the exams, we can evaluate ourselves and it also helps to give our best. It makes students into a hard-working personality. It is an examination and helps to improve our confidence level. Every student prepares themselves as they participate in the competition and many of the price themselves better than others. By this, examinations pay the way for the healthy competition. It creates a new healthy spirit in order to achieve a goal in their life.

Though exams creativity, discipline, confidence, decisionmaking were raised. Exams help to develops our logical thinking and learning. Basically, the exam is the self-analyzation because of the analysis of the student’s understanding and knowledge. It is the process of finding how much we know and learn in the study. The students have to be serious about their exams because it takes them to achieve their goals. This makes them able to overcome their weakness in order to be successful in life. It judges us how much we have understood and capable. WithoutExams, students will not concentrate on their studies. Therefore, Exams should be compulsory.