Sea green” is a colour that gives fresh and calm look when you see it, so does this new kitchen design will. Today I came up with new design of kitchen so as to bring ocean to your home. When you look toward this design it is both nurturing and uplifting, that is at once you will sound it insane but in real life its sounds cool. If we talk especially about the kitchen then green colour shows a sense of renewal and growth. The green shade adds up interest into cabinets or other this like chairs which give a remarkable look to it. The lighter notes gives this shade more depth to embrace itself, like the wooden breakfast bar that cuts across these light kitchen cabinets. For the splashing of colour we advise you to add an easy kitchen installation by adding a hanging artefact of light colour which will work wonders in uniting an attached dining space too. This design consist of the expansion of your tiled area so as to create an entire feature wall from floor to ceiling, we can provide you two choices of either keeping the tiles or you want to use the wallpapers. To give it a more dominating touch we are keeping the walls around the kitchen in white colour. We did a small modification in this kitchen by adding an extra spacing for the refrigerator so that it doesn’t look like it is disturbing the elements of the kitchen. Natural light fits perfect with the sea green but in the night there is dark so we are applying large amoled led lights so as to brighten every corner of the kitchen. We don’t want to go all hog that is why we have added only few sea green cabinets so that it can be equally effective so as to add a finishing flourish too. A big plate of green grapes in kitchen decorations will always make a delicious fresh look centrepiece. A few indoor herb or plant of your choice will also give a stunning touch to that area. The shelve top of work station is made up of the fine marble so as to give a texture to the area with the wallpapers. The dining counter has a glass on the top touch which gives it a shiny finish and makes it feel luxury. The foam chairs is set up to give you a calm and comfortable feel while sitting. This setup for the small kitchen is worth doing because this kind of colour contrast with an attached dining bar and dining table can’t be found anywhere. Because at “” ‘we create lasting impression through interior designing’