Japan , has one of the most compelling stories in education. Japanese students are continuously accustomed to getting warnings about breaking their own records of winning Nobel prizes .It is this pressure in them which can even  be seen in the country’s demolishing presence globally. Japan who is facing challenges in maintaining research position, have continuously been taking steps to improve the situation.

One of the major challenges faced by them was the continuously decreasing number of journals written by scientists , because of reduction in the state funding for operation costs. Deteriorating financial situation had led to the closing of research institutes, leading to few journals being published.

The Ministry of education , Culture, Sports ,science and Technology came up with WISE(World-leading Innovative & Smart Education) programme. These programmes established five year doctoral problems, inside and outside Japan. These  schemes will define the skills and expertise needed to resolve the problems faced. The main purpose behind these programme were to nurture outstanding researchers who would serve in different sectors, leading to creating values ,thereby bringing innovation in the society.

Another programme was the DII programme for innovation specially in future electronics. Gallium nitride (GaN) LEDs were  used widely. The scheme nurtured three types of people-deployers, innovators and the investigators. Collaboration and Co-operation between the three personnel were necessary to accelerate innovation. The highlight of this programme was to give births to engineers who’ll not only do conventional study, but even practise entrepreneurship and social services. Students under these  programme will take part of two internships. One would be of two weeks, connecting the students with the peers of other countries, while the second internship would be of six  months, where the deployers would work towards broadening their minds, innovators would work towards learning production and investigators will begin with international collaboration.

With the help of programmes like DII and WISE, Japan can breakthrough and regain back its list glory in research and development.