human welfare

With the word welfare, means that prosperity, health or happiness of an individual or group of people. Basically welfare of human beings or society. It is generally regarded as a way of fulfilling and measuring the mini. level of social support who lack in achievement of a standard living set for society. For this, human welfare development is also initiated for the well being of the society. In this they let citizens to have all access to the basic needs like resources, knowledge and amenities. In order to have good lives people should have access to all above so that they would be able to participate in respective communities.

For instance, human welfare should focus on education, income maintenance, health and housing. One should have a good quality of life. That can be done if proper knowledge is being provided to them. Everyone in this world whether it be government or society, both of them have different standard of living which is their quality of life and that to this can be affected by environment, politics, economy, etc. Human welfare is generally an financial aid which is generated from government or any other organizations. This further helps to alleviate poverty from the society and stress from an individual. With this there is a huge responsibility of the government. The government has to keep a check on human welfare which is their most important responsibility. Not only for a particular country but this is for every country. A country is considered to be developed when society is fully developed which also includes the proper welfare of the citizens. A country’s economic progress and quality of life determines the development of that country. As every country has different way and similarities than how they execute human welfare development on their part is what development could be seen as.

The source of income of the government are many. But the most common source of their income is tax. For the funding in human welfare development schemes government use the taxes they had taken from the society only. The source of income also includes charities, developmental assistance funds in some countries, or etc. As the process of development is not so easy similarly human welfare process is not so easy. Government has to keep a full check on development process of human beings. It is necessary for a country to look over their citizens as they are the future of the country and by which a country is considered as developed or developing.

Quality of life is directly linked to human welfare. However, when a person is financial happy then they can give good input for the country. A proper education in this regards is also necessary as nothing can be done without having knowledge. Resources are too needed for a standard living. Hence for a good life one should come above the poverty line and have good standard of living.