Hardwork vs smart work.

When asked how would you respond that how you are living your life? Are you working hard or working smart? Well individuals has different answers to the very same question. But the probability would be either working hard or smart! Some has to work hard just to have their two time meals and some has enough for their coming generations. The matter of work. Yes, how you are working is what you are receiving! Let me tell you this generation is of working smartly. Everyone wants to work in simpler ways and earn as much as they can but all they do is just end up in complexity. Everyone thinks that they are giving their 100% but are receiving less comparatively. Labour’s work hard and are struggling for living that is the example for hard work, Whereas some people invests in share market and earn unexpectedly higher returns.

Now don’t get confused in smart work and short cut, both are way different. Investing in shares and stock market can be called smart work, on the other hand gambling or investing in lotteries are an example of short cut which always will not work!

Hard work is a matter of physically working at the span of 10 to 12 hours a day whereas smart work is of working mentally by spending 6 to 7 hours a day. People are working hard, they are doing the regular work in the basic manner without giving it a second thought that it can be changed, where as others after using their ideas, they innovate or renovate complicated things into simpler form making it more useful than before and that is what called smart work. As an example Phone was invented but that was landline had no facilities except mic and speaker(speaking and listening) they can’t be moved from one place to another easily and had long wires connected to it making it more difficult, now we have smart phones/ mobile phones which has as many facilities as we wish and has the access to mobility. This is what smart work is! So, the point is that you should not work hard you should work smart! Hard work pays off but smart work will pay you sooner!