Robot Revolution In China

Over the past years, China have undergone the robotic  revolution. China being the epicentre of the pandemic , had no other option but to use robots for purposes like disinfecting hospitals, enforcing quarantine restrictions and in delivering food. All over the world , it can be seen how the Pandemic  drastically shifted to Automation. In South Korea, Robots are being used to measure temperatures and in distributing hand sanitizers to lower the risk of Covid-19.

China would account for around 45% of the total robotic shipment by the year 2021,as compared to 39%  in 2019.China has planned  to upgrade to nation’s manufacturing technologies through  the Made In China 2025 campaign. China counts for nearly 800 robots makers , like SIASUN and DJI.Since wagers would no longer be cheap, it would be  a good option to switch to robots, where they can work for 24 hours shifts. Though  Robots might prove out  to be expensive initially, but in the long run they will be profitable.

Chinese Apps like “Meituan Dianping” , where autonomous vehicles are  used for local delivery services. More and more people have now switched on to using it , even for non-food items making it China’s Biggest Food Delivery App. During the pandemic, Meituan Dianping even started selling mobile phones. Meanwhile, Companies Operation  have taken a hit, and in order for it to get  back to track ,robots  are preferred over manual workforce. To speed up the process of faster “testing”, Senova ,the German developer have scaled up the productions of the rapid test systems.

In a video getting viral on social media, it seen how a robot was put in use at quarantine hotels in Beijing.Different  robots were allocated for each floors , the robots would dial the people’s  landline  while waiting outside the door. Standardised Food would then be delivered to their doorsteps , and the guests have to collect the food from the Robot’s belly.

Types Of Robots

  1. China’s latest invention , the Giant Robotic Arm  have be termed by the scientists as “Zero Gravity” , owing to its smooth operations. With the help of AI , and sensors it would be able to lift heavy objects , and could prove to be a miracle in China’s endeavours to space.
  2. Danish Manufacturer  of UV disinfection robots , have seen a sudden surge in robots. The machines destroy the DNA  or RNA of any microorganisms. Since the rays could prove out to be harmful for  human, it’s been controlled by someone far-off with the help of remote.
  3. Robotic unit, “The Blade Formation”  is  the newest invention by China, designed specially to take control of situations impossible for mankind .This include  assisting in the fire fighting missions,, combustible gas detection, on-site rescue because of 360 degree vision, image and sound collection.
  4. Chinese have created “Micro Robots”. They claim of having turned a gas bubble into a robot, but only in a water-rich environment capable of fabricating artificial tissues, or moresoover modifying a embryo. It can be used for biological research, tissue .

Likeable or Unlikeable, Netizens  of China have to accept  the Robot culture. China is all set to become the world’s most influential  tech country. The robots would be the new force replacing human power in all aspects.

China’s Famous UV light Disinfectant Robot