Women education iN INDIA

From the day of Independence, India has considerable growth in all the fields. The reason for this development is the educational rate of the country. In India, Education is common to both genders. But the level of literate women was lower than men in India. There are some superstitions against women and their education. In many villages, girls we’re not allowed to educate. They were compelled to take care of their homes. Many of the girl’s future we’re destroyed by blind myths and superstition activities.

Gender discrimination and male domination towards females are still happening. In some villages, people refused to allow their girl children to school because of insecurity for their children. Many of the girls have to walk for a long distance for schooling it makes them feel insecure. Indian government constructs a school in rural villages to solve their insecure setback. Crime against women also a reason for the hesitation in coming out of their homes. For that, the Government takes strict action and punishment for crimes against women. Now, women’s involvement is increasing in various fields it is one of the reasons for India’s development.

Gender equality and common education for both gender will take the country into a great height. The government gives full support and keep encouraging women to move forward. And also taking steps to promote women’s education in India.