Benefits of reading news online.

Benefits of reading news online by Debalina Mukherjee

‘Knowledge is power’ goes an old saying.In this competitive and busy world everyone needs to be up to date and completely aware of what’s going on around us and so reading news hase been an important part of everyone’s life. As a result of the advanced technologies people are now been able to read online news whichi is of great advantage. Gone are the days when people used to wait for their morning newspapers for knowing what is happening across the globe.
Reading online news has made our life easier.We get to know the exact current update within seconds and one does not have to wait for long. Moreover in online news we can make our preferences.. It is true that every individual on this earth is different and their choices vary.. One might like politics while the other likes to read about sports.. In case of online news, this preference can be taken care of.. Whatever we choose to read we can easily get access to that..We are already in an age where people hardly have time to sit at home and relax. Majority of the population remains outside of their house for almost 8-12 hours a day and for them online news is a blessing… It can be read anywhere and there is no such problem of carring extra papers.we can read online news on our laptops, tablets, mobiles. In other words online news makes the authentic news aavailable to lakhs of people within no time.
Online news also has economical benefits.While we need to buy newspapers, most of the online news are free and no extra money is required for reading. When all economists are concerned about our economic growth and environmentalists are worried about saving mother nature, reading news online opens a new gate for the digital India and saves nature since no extra paper is required in the process. Since the environmentalists are repeatedly asking to plant more tress and stop cutting them, e-news actually fits the box.. It can at least decrease the paper reauirement to some extend.
Simultaneously, when we read online news we actually get freedom from our geographical boundaries.. Not all regional language newspapers are available in every region or state..but online news can reach anywhere.. Sitting in one state one can get the news of another state written in anothee language very easily. This facility not only helps in making the news more accessible but it also creates employment in a way… It attracts new readers and gives opportunity to new talents to show show their skills online.. Thus demand and suppy remains balanced.
Again when we talk about aged people they at times face difficulties while reading normal newspapers due to their compromised eyesight and back pain.. But with online news they can easily zoom the words and read while lying on the bed or an armchair which further reduces their strain.Online news also provides them various additional links and suggested pages which gives them more detailed information about the topic.. Some people have a habit of collection data and for them preserving old newspapers becomes very tough at times but in case of online news one can easily download and save the information and can keep it for ages without any damage.
In conclusion I would like to say,that when we have to be absolutely aware of every single thing that is happening around us and be ready for any challenge that life gives us, online news brings the globe within our reach in true sense.