Trends of feminism in India

“You are a girl”, the idea was again and again reminded like a beeping alarm to the females of our country;but it was uptill the day when one of the revolutionaries of ours, Rajaram Mohan Roy in the early 90s stood up as the voice for lakhs of women who were knowingly and unknowingly the victims of evil practices going in our own country.
Although, we have been so much fortunate to have some of the  women figures who were much more independent and fierce, but it was the scanerio of ‘India’ that has been not talked about yet. People speak about strong women participating in debates, fighting on the fields, ruling over large clans, but this picture behind the camera is hidden, hidden beneath the sheets of past. Contrasting from the early events, today the word ‘feminism’ has got a new definition;after the revolution and modernizing into a democracy the idea or one would say ‘the women clan’ has become much more protective towards their rights, whether it right to education or participation, or freedom. Each and every woman seek out one or the other way to get the best out of themselves. We have seen such great examples of women being withstanding men in the fields which were at some point of time considered men centric. Many a woman have rose to the heights equivalent men, if we do count their achievements it would not be easy to finish them up; Malala Usuf, the Nobel Peace Prize winner, could be one such example to be counted following by all the common and famous ladies who have crossed over the bars of patriarchy. But, but, but, again they seem to ruin everything, as we have seen from the past- there was nothing to do with Dharmasutras, every single dharma was being ruled out a some point or the other. -So is the idea and the motive of “women being equal to men” seems to detoriate; for instance, if a feminist found a old man sitting on the seat reserved for ‘ladies’ the first word the utter is “why are you sitting on this seat”? Regardless of the age of the man! Though the idea of feminism provide them to speak up for the right they’re hindered from, but it is merely a cryptic and forge idea of what they call being ‘feminism’. Isn’t it? But then they again evacuate that it is their ‘right’ which the Constitution of India has provided them. The recent incident of the ‘bois locker room’ which flooded all over the internet is one such ironic picture of the so called ‘feminism’. Yet, we have reached at such a point in the society where fake is real sometimes and the real picture of equality and empowerment remains hidden behind scenes which the makeup of “false feminism” fails to bring up. And the society becomes the victim of such faces whose beauty might blind them forever.