Why is it Important to Learn Storytelling in College?

Ms Aarti Jindal

M.A English Literature, SCD Government College for Boys, Ludhiana

B.A English Honours, Khalsa College for Women, Ludhiana

story telling


The present paper shows or represents what the students go through in their student or per se college life. Also to pass it by without any difficulties  and with a technique that makes you more open and comfortable with vast aspect of knowledge with other present students around you and helps you get in the good books of everyone.


Stoorytelling, Technique,  Understanding Cultures, Imagination.

1 Introduction

It is a vast land with various kind of people residing where some share the space and some just not the space rather all the aspects of their lives with open arms to all. This subject and the technique of storytelling enhances the person and boosts up the confidence for him or her to act comfortably and confidently in all the areas of their lives which they go through or comes in challenge with. This is vital for all the individuals to gain knowledge as well as take up their imagination level to a total different level.

“The best experience is listening or hearing

As long as it is the Storytelling”

Storytelling take you by the mind and soul the un-trodden paths which you sometimes hardly realise that even exists. It is a way to get in a comfortable zone amongst people around you to win their confidence and make them believe you in so many ways which makes the journey pleasant all over. Today’s atmosphere of college is like students entering the classrooms with their eyes set on their tech products so much so that do not even bother what comes in their way. College is a platform that is filled with not only high level of competitions but also provides with various aspects of opportunities as well. It is this place that makes you see the whole another world with all kinds of students at a different level with total unlike backgrounds carrying the legacy given to them. Storytelling then thus becomes one of the main criteria that help students envision various aspects that they have been veiled from. Storytelling is like an ice cream that refers to the technique of inculcating the story fictional or non fictional stating the fact that no matter of what the age is but story is always a cherry on the top.

Storytelling is one of the best genres of literature that not only gives birth to the imagination but also takes the mind of the teller and the listener up a notch. Stories can be jovial or nostalgic, personal or professional yet somehow always adds to one’s experience. It not only helps gain experience rather the knowledge and better understanding of one’s own and also other’s life, history and also the cultural values. Storytelling makes one student comfortable with the other and also helps the teachers create a peace while making the students study. When a story told in the most effective narrative way it adds a taste of yearning for more knowledge and to acquire it thoroughly. The then brains of a teacher and a student runs in same fashion which gives vivid imagery of what is to be expected and to receive. It helps to form a genial association between whether the two students or a teacher and a student which further makes an unconstrained path for all to walk on and understand each other well and profoundly.

Stories has this starting and ending process where it all depends on how the story is started or ended to keep rolling the interest of the other person and take it to its peak. Storytelling is important in all the aspects of our life not only in a class, or in the school or in fact in the college but also at our jobs and workplace so as to form a cordial relationship with others and make a trail for better understanding and for knowledge so as to make it the priority. Storytelling in the aspect of college is vital as it gives the way for making conversations or discussions more interesting and more acknowledgeable. It is preferably the technique to grab one’s attention and when once you have it you know you would do good in college which refers to not only amongst your friends but also with all the other students who encircles you and studies in the same space. This technique interests others by not just its contents but also by what it means and how does it or whether it does or not relate to them in one way or the other. It creates the sense of imagination in the minds of people that not only helps them expand their vision but also at times go beyond their knowledge of what they know and what else more to it there is. Stories not only hold your mind to its roots but also your hearts which peaks one’s interests. It in fact make others confide in you and then join you in your journey through their imagination and walk with you side by side enjoying every aspect, accepting every challenge and facing every adventure. Storytelling is like the roller coaster ride making the teller and the listener go through each and every part of it as long as they are involved and interested in it.

Storytelling is the oldest way though one the most effective way to interest people and take them into your confidence by making a good use of your imagination to make good friends and keeping the mind always on the go. While listening the listener inhales each and every word and keeps in mind and heart and once the thing which is heard better and with keen interest is hard to forget and the to rely on for the future reference. It is one of the most elated and efficient way to keep one’s interest and imagination on their toes that is always and ever ready to go. Lastly, once the art of storytelling is imbibed to one’s imagination it boosts up the confidence and for college perspective and gets more comfortable with other people for better vision of them and their cultural values and making them confide in you.


Thus storytelling is vital for all the aspects of one’s life so as to grow maturely, knowledgeably and also in imagination. Not only it boosts your speaking skills in public but also your confidence that make you comfortable amongst others. This whole essay gives the review of what helps or might help one when going into a new space especially in college or a place which is known for its genre of knowledge and succeeds in providing one with impactful source of storytelling.


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