A Study on Service Attribute Factors Affecting Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty: Private Commercial Banks in Batticaloa District

JKW Abarajithan & B Sarangan*

Management Trainee, People’s Bank

*Assistant Relationship Manager, DFCC Bank PLC


Customer satisfaction and loyalty remain key issues of marketing scholars and marketers and will remain so in the future. There is considerable evidence that customer satisfaction and loyalty depend on service quality and lead to the higher profitability of the business. Quality in service can be determined by the extent to which customers’ needs and expectations can be satisfied (Banerjee, 2012). Main purpose of this study is to examine to what extent Private Commercial Banks in Batticaloa District to make customers satisfaction and loyalty a special focus of its basic banking service, advanced banking service and cost & prestige issues of service received. Researcher adopted quantitative methodology and structured questionnaires for data collection. Descriptive statistics were used for data analysis. Results showed that there is a significant relationship observed among basic service, advanced service, cost & prestige and customer satisfaction. Finally a positive significant relationship observed between customer satisfaction and customer loyalty relationship.

Key Words: Customer Satisfaction, Private Commercial Bank, Customer Loyalty



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