Under Prioritized Security of Women’s in Unorganized Sector

Shivani Agarwal,

Assistant Professor, Deptt. Of Social Work, Teerthanker Mahaveer University, Moradabad.


Women in our society have so far enjoyed a secondary status and the economic dependence of women upon men is one of the primary reasons which has pushed them into the background and resulted into their secondary status both within and outside the family. In spite of the fact that the women have proved their mettle in every walk of life, their contribution is not given due credit in most cases. In India women constitute nearly half of the total population and they play a vital role in forming 50% of India’s GDP (NCEUS 2008) through their unrecognized contribution in the Rural & Urban economy. Of the 400 million people working in the unorganized sector, 120 million are women. Thus, the present paper is an attempt to highlight the increased vulnerability of women in the unorganized sector and bringing to front a critical analysis of how the regulations are restrained from creating a violence free workplace in a sector that is scattered and fragmented. There are number of provisions brought in through policies and legislations by the government which is further objectified through the five year plans. However, certain loopholes and gaps in the theoretical and the practical perspective restrict it from “Make it Happen”. Therefore, the paper will basically emphasize on the security provisions for prevention etc in the workplaces in unorganized sector and public places.

Key Words: Legislations, Prevention, Security, Unorganized Sector, Workplace.


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