Suicide Potential and Self Esteem

Dr. Aruna Mehta

Asstt. Prof. Psychology, JCMM Assandh, KNL (Haryana)

Abstract:- The word Suicide or suicidal are used in everyday life to refer to self behaviour. Suicide Potential refer’s to cognitious that can vary from fleeting thoughts that life is not worth living, via very concrete well thoughts out Paris for killing one self to an intense delusional Preoccupation with self destruction (Goldney. 1989). According to Dr. Anjli Sharma Suicide Potential refer’s to any deliberate act with non Latal outcome that might cause or actually causes self harm. That consists of ingesting a substance in excess of its generally recognised or prescribed therapeutic dose. Suicide is a style of death that is the direct or indirect result of a positive or negative Act by the victim. Knowing the act will produce this result (Maris, 1991). In the most of cases a warning is given before committing suicide. Often the warning had been given to more than one Person (Robins, 1959) about one in Six people committing suicide, Leaves notes (Barrac Lough 1974).


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