Role of empowerment and leadership in turnover intentions among the Generation Y academicians in Saudi Arabian Higher Educational Institutes

Dr. Nazar Omer Abdallah Ahmed [1]

Faria Rabbi [2]

Muhammad Farrukh [3]

Abdul Waheed [4]

[1] College of Science and Humanities Studies, Business Administration Department, Prince Sattam bin Abduaziz University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

[2,3] Institute of Graduate Studies, Kota Damansara, SEGi University, Malaysia

[4] Donglinks School of Economics & Management

University of Science & Technology Beijing, China


The purpose of this study is to investigate the factors influencing on turnover intention and how employee engagement mediates the relationship among three independent variables (IDVs) Employee Empowerment, Transformational Leadership and Innovation with turnover intention. Data is collected with distribution of questionnaire to Gen. ‘Y’ academicians working in higher education institutes of KSA. The study will adopt quantitative approach to test the hypothesis with the help of some statistical analysis such as correlation & regression. This study is believed to enhance the literature gap, since, not much research emphasized on mediating effect of employee engagement on turnover intention among Gen Y academicians in KSA HEIs context.

Key words: turnover intentions, Gen Y academicians, employee engagement,