Seclusion of a Section of Society from Media

The India media is a classic example of power capture by the social elite. There is rarely a proper representation of people from the so called down-trodden social section of our society. Well the Indian constitution guarantees the equality in all forms to every citizen of the nation but the ultimate decision lies in the sub-conscious mindsets of the people who are in power or are part of the India intelligentsia who command a great degree of influence in the field of print and electronic media.

The absence of a section of society in the media has resulted in the either misrepresentation or partial representation of the views and opinions of the people of the secluded class (not in the literal meaning of the term). Indian society is diverse and the problems are diverse. It is very often possible that we Indian fail to see our deficiencies or overlook them for the benefit of the own group. The Indian are notorious for their group identity rather than individual identity in modern era.


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