Delhi: The City of Heritage

Delhi is a living legendary city of India. It has been the capital of many kingdom from ancient Mahabharata Period to Modern era. It has evolved and adjusted to the varying needs of people of different times and stood a testimony to time.


Every ruler added sometimes in the charms and beauty of Delhi. If you take time and visit Delhi you can see the remains of seven genre of Delhi. When I was in my home town or earlier at village I used to see the beauty and splendor of Delhi in books and on Doordarshan. But now when I am living in Delhi sometimes  while walking on the streets of Delhi I feel the unfolding pages of history and glimpses of Ancient, Medieval and Modern time coming in view occasionally and in some areas frequently when you visit such places like Chandni Chowk, the narrow lanes of Jama Masjid areas. The efforts of Archaeological Survey of India, Delhi Development Authority, Delhi Urban Arts Commission and Municipal Corporation are really commendable for their integrated efforts in preserving the rich cultural and architectural heritage and praiseworthy attempts to keep apace with the requirement of development and economic progress. There are many development projects going on in the city. Sometimes to make space for new development and accommodation of increased needs and requirements lead to necessity of redevelopment. And here comes the responsibility and rational decision making by the public authority. The various redevelopment and renewal programs should be guided by values that value addition should not lead to value reduction or neutralization of the rich cultural and architectural heritage of India present in Delhi.