Table of Content: Vol-1 Issue-10_Part-3

List of Articles in Vol-1 Issue-10_IJR-4

Sr. No. Title of the Paper and Authors Page No.
1 Title: Benefits Derived by Community-Driven Development Approach Beneficiaries of World Bank Assisted Projects in South Western Nigeria 1
Authors: P. A. Adeyemo
2 Title: Change Detection in Forest/ Non-Forest Cover Mapping Using Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques of PaturTaluka in Akola District, Maharashtra 8
Authors: KankaMoharir & ChaitanyaPande
3 Title: Effect of variance of geometric parameters and materials on poppet engine valve 14
Authors: Vidyadhar.C.Kale, Sagar.S.Deshpande
4 Title: Indian Tourism Industry under Economic Microscope 25
Authors: Dr. Sangram Bhushan and Lateef Ahmad Mir
5 Title: Designing a Drip / Trickle Irrigation System by Using IrriPro Software

(Case Study: Gharo Model Farm, Sindh – Pakistan)

Authors: Imran Arshad, Muhammed Muneer Babar, Muhammed Irfan, Paolo Savona, Wajiha Ali, Omair Farooqui
6 Title: Issues and Challenges of Human Resource Management 43
Authors: Dr. R. Venkatesh
7 Title: Heterogeneous Impact of Institutional Services on Input Use Intensity and Commercial Transformation among Smallholder Farmers in Oyo State, Nigeria using Heckman Two stage Estimation 49
Authors: M. O. Adio and L. O. Olarinde
8 Title: Lossless Implementation of NAND Flash Memory Architecture Using MERGE Scheme 66
Authors: Kota N V Tulasi Kumari, Y. Phani Kumar
9 Title: Influence of Water Soluble NPK Fertilizers on the Growth and Yield of Greenhouse Pepper (Capsicum Annum L.) by Using Drip Irrigation Technology 75
Authors: 1Imran Arshad, 2Muhammed Irfan, 3Muhammed Muneer Babar, 4Wajiha Ali, 5Zaheer Ahmed Khan,
10 Title: Image Encryption Technique Based On Visual Cryptography 82
Authors: Mrunali T. Gedam
11 Title: Private investment of churches: A study of selected cases in the Kumasi Metropolis of Ghana. 87
Authors: A. B. K. Gyimah & M. Amoah
12 Title:Production of Neem Oil Methyl Ester by Using Two-Step Esterification Process 97
Authors: Ajay Gahadwal , Sanjay Yadav
13 Title:Re-Routing Roots: Narrative Trauma Of Exile In The Works Of Orhan Pamuk

Authors: ShaliniYadav

14 Title:A fusion Cloud approach for Certified Deduplication

S.Md.Samiullah, B.Jagadeesh. S.Md.Hafeez and D.Jayanarayana Reddy

Authors: YashikaArora; ShilpaYadav; Tanushree

15 Title:Sedimentology and Geochemical Characteristics of Upper Cretaceous Sediments of Imo Formation Around ArimogijaOkeluse, Southwestern Nigeria

Authors: Hakeem Bolaji Olawumi; Rafiu Babatunde Bale and SurajuAdesina Adepoju

16 Title:Stress, Stressors, Coping Techniques and Impact of Recession on the Level of Stress among Private Bank’s Employees: A Case Study of Dehradun

Authors: Dr. Pooja Jain, Mr. Amar Singh & Mr. AshishVishnoi

17 Title:The impact of perceived service quality dimensions on customer satisfaction in the airline industry in Ghana

Authors: Edward MarkweiMartey

18 Title: Determination of Trace elements in the groundwater in ThittakudiTaluk, Cuddaluredistric, Tamilnadu.

Authors: Thiruneelakandan, B., Jeyavel Raja Kumar, T., Senthil Kumar, M., Dushiyanthan, C., Suresh, R., Vasanth Raja, S

19 Title: Urban Poverty and Slums in India

Authors: Dr. Laxmi Narayan

20 Title: Use and Misuse of multiple Comparisons Procedures of Means in Factorials Experiments

Authors: Siraj Osman Omer & AbdelGadir Mohamed Abdellah

21 Title: Value creation through e-Human Resource Management

Authors: Mrs. GowthamiChinthala

22 Title: Water Santiation Practices In Obowo, Southeastern Nigeria

Authors: Osuji I.E., Azuamah Y.C., Amadi A.N., Esenwah E.C., Agu G.C. Nwal; O.R.


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