16th Non-Alligned Movement Summit: Tehran Declaration for New World Order

The 16th two-day Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) got concluded on 31st of August 2012 with adoption of Tehran Declaration.
There are few highlights of the Tehran Declaration. Let’s summarise and conclude what they have long term implications for the new world order. Tehran Declaration stressed commitment to the goals and principles of the movement and rejection of the policies of the western hegemony aimed at imposing its will through unilateral coercive measures under the USA.
The solidarity with Syria in its just right to restore its full sovereignty and peace based on the inclusive and participatory process between the Syrian regime and the rebel forces. The NAM leaders also condemned the US unilateral sanctions on Syria, stressing that these sanctions violate the international law and the UN Charter.
The leaders also reiterated support to establishing a zone free of nuclear weapons and mass destruction weapons in the Middle East, calling on Israel, the only country in the region which has not joined the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty yet, to join the Treaty without delay and put its nuclear facilities under the Comprehensive Safeguards of the International Atomic Energy Agency. The NAM also mandates the peaceful use of nuclear energy by Iran and whoever wishes to do so.
They condemned terrorism in all forms and stressed that terrorist acts are considered a violation of the international law as they affect the countries’ safety, territorial integrity and stability and threaten their regional and national security.
NAM is still relevant if the member states act for creating a new world order opposing the unilateral actions of USA. UN is going is die in coming years due to its age old no entry in Security Council. And unhindered and unilateral action or use of forces by USA and NATO has proved in recent years that United Nations Organization has failed in its endeavour to ensure a safer planet unravaged by the wars, hunger and poverty.
The NAM is capable of being a substitute for UN in case of its silence during the unilateral action of USA. It is fact that NAM lacks economic and military resources to counter anti-socialist forces of the world.
The commendable wisdom shown by Russian and China in opposing the UN Security Council’s move for use of forces in Syrian, has discouraged USA which is planning to make regime change in Syria to suit his neo-imperial policy unnoticed by many brilliant policy analysists of the world. Due to the increasing strength of regional blocs like BRICS and Arab League has somewhat deterred USA in taking unilateral military action by it has already taken economic measures like sanctions to make them come round to the terms of USA policy of being big boss of the planet.
The declaration of Tehran should pave a smooth way for the peaceful use of Nuclear Energy for the benefits of the humanity. India and Pakistan should help Iran acquire nuclear technology in a speedier and time bound manner.
The statehood for the Palestine is also commendable. Israel should admit that for peace and prosperity, good neighbours are needed not the wealthy and healthy realtives staying miles away. Palestine must be accorded statehood and political support to grow.
Let’s hope that by next NAM summit, the world witnesses some of the resolutions of the NAM get fructified.
Shashikant Nishant Sharma
Policy Analyst and Proponent of New World Order

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