Ethnic Violences in India

The recent incidences of the ethnic violence in North-Eastern part of India is a matter of concern and we must think over it and take the urgently needed remedial measures to contain the spread of the violences in other parts of the country. The joint and consolidated efforts of the state and central government is needed to curb the menace of the anti social elements who are using the emails and SMSes for arousing the bad feeling and making the people of North-Eastern India insecure and there is already reports for Maharastra, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka that lot of people from north east are going back home. The assurance given by our honorable Home Minister has literally no impact on the people and they are still flying back to their home towns and native villages.

The non proactive role of centre is quite clear and this has augmented the situation in South Central states of India. There is no efforts to trace out the anti social elements who are spreading the rumours electronically. Mere verbal assurance would not stop the people from northeast to stay back but a thoughtful and consolidated effort to bring to book the wrongdoers will be a strong message to all the anti national elements getting nourishment cross borders.

The uproar in Parliament should not be a passing instance but an starting point for the proactive role of central government in dealing with such anti national and anti peace activist operation within Indian soil and operating from across the border.
The unity and integrity of nation must be preserved at any cost and no one should be spared who attempts to do so.

Jai Hind…!

Shashikant Nishant Sharma
Edupedia Publications Pvt Ltd


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