See Wonders Enjoy Wonders…

  • My dear brothers
    Imagine wonders
    And you must remember
    You yourself is a wonder
    ‘You can do wonders
    Only pay heed my brothers
    Today you dream wonders
    And tomorrow you can do wonders
    You only remember
    Nothing get done instantly
    You have to try constantly
    And it requires endeavor
    Undiminishing untiring labour
    You need to be hearty
    First you feel thirsty
    And then you drink water
    Similarly my brother
    Man feels the need
    And he sows the seed
    Seed of imagination
    In the fertile soil of mind
    This leads to action
    Which result in invention
    Modification and innovation
    So my dear brothers
    Dream and imagine wonders
    And then you can do wonders
    Make thunders in the sky of humanity
    Thrashing away the vanity
    Working with humility
    You can make wonders in the world
    Do it when you are young 
    Before you get old
    And you enthusiasm get cold
    Dream and imagination is the bond
    Which binds the efforts and innovation
    Precursor of any human action 

    Shashikant Nishant Sharma

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