Our Political Leader…

Our leaders are champions
Who make public fool
There’s much cry and little wool
They are like chameleons
Who changes colours
Hours after hours
To get ballots cast in their favour
For them, we are voting
For whom, they are looting? 
To get vote
They distribute note
Raise social divide
Tarnish our fate
By getting separated far and wide
In the name of shining India
What an Idea? 
After getting elected
They often hide
We are made to play seek and hide
At the time of campaigning 
They leave no stone unturned
To win our heart
And don’t fail to make promises
To change our fate
Facelift of the towns and villages
They are doing it for ages
One promise, two promises
Oh no! too many promises
They often make 
For the sake of vote
But to fulfill promises
One after another they forget
It’s not late, it’s not late
It’s their statement
They keep on saying 
‘I will keep promises’
And comes the next poll
They often pop
In agenda, they keep on top
The idea of secularism
But to get elected 
They seek vote in the name of religion
The idea of united India 
And they seek vote in the name of region
They try to keep divided
People so closely bonded
In the name of casteism
In the name of communalism
They create animosity
By colouring community
In the colour of communalism
It’s their idealism
They boast to fight terrorism
But who creates terror
And horror
At the time of polling
Are you listening? 
No! I should stop writing 
Before it’s too late
Let’s go and vote 
Shashikant Nishant Sharma

With Regards
SureShot POST
New Delhi, India

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