O my Mighty God…

  • O my Mighty God
    Come from heavenly abode
    To pour love
    On this earth
    On this very Earth
    Where man is turning into beast
    And doing the worst
    Without bothering the least
    Instead of making heaven
    We are doing things most uneven
    Turning the world into hell
    And they are succeeding without fail
    Instill in us
    Give our moral a push
    So that we can rush 
    In the right direction
    Take up the right action
    To have compassion
    To attain mission
    Spread the message of peace
    Not in small piece
    But in whole
    Teach the whole world
    From young to old
    The passion of love
    Brotherhood and tolerance
    With a bit of patience
    O Almighty God
    Make us feel your presence
    Understand the essence
    Of your existence 
    Shashikant Nishant Sharma

    With Regards
    SureShot POST
    New Delhi, India

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