Measure of Success…

  •  A man’s success is not measured 
    By how how high he has climbed
    But it is measured
    By seeing his ability
    Quantity and quality
    How how he bounces back
    When he falls to bottom
    We can’t see the ever greenness
    Of any tree
    In the month of spring
    Actually springs lack
    The power to measure
    The ever greenness of tree
    In the month of autumn
    It becomes clear
    Which is evergreen 
    And which is not 
    Great is one
    Who achieve greatness
    On his own
    Neither those who inherit greatness
    Nor there who is thrust upon greatness
    Self made man 
    Can stand the test of time
    He can change time
    He can leave footprints
    On the sand of time

    Shashikant Nishant Sharma ‘Sahil’