Dearer Than Dear…

Dearer than dear
O my dear
Make me bold
So that I can bear
The atrocities of the world
Without shedding tear
And uttering a word
Word of grief
Agony and pain
O my dear
Make me smile
So that sadness get disappeared
And there is happiness
All along mile and mile
On the path of life
Like a wife
Be a part of my life
O my dear
Come and see
And help me
When I am in despair
Show me the ray of hope
In me develop
Strengths and grit
So that I can face defeat
And take life easy
Make me busy
Leave no time for tear
Despair and fear
Make it clear
You are dearer than dear 
Shashikant Nishant Sharma

With Regards
SureShot POST
New Delhi, India

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