West Bengal Chief Minister: Diktat on selection of Newspapers

The decision taken by West Bengal Chief Minister on selection of newspapers is a clear violation of the citizens’ right to know and is an insult to libraries. She must understand that the actions taken by her in government office affecting the public and public policies must be in conformity with standard or norms set by the Constitution of India which cannot be arbitrary, irrational or irrelevant. She is the Chief Minister not the queen of Bengal and must respect and pay regards to the Constitution of India in true spirit of term. I am surprised to know that very few newspapers and media highlighted this issue which is clear violation of right to equality and freedom of press. The public cannot be prescribed what to read and what to omit. Public money must be spent in a democratic manner and for the benefit of public and common good; in a rational manner taking into account the demand of the economy and people at large; in a relevant manner so as to serve the common need and demand.
from:  Shashikant Nishant Sharma


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