Irony of Indian Judicial System

It is really an irony of Indian judicial system to treat very citizen 
with an equal amount of offence and defense but when it comes to 
the punishment to the erring politicians and VVIPs, the judicial 
system become ignorant of the practices prevalent in the various jails 
of the country. There should be special drive to bring justice and 
equality of status and treatment to the offenders of the laws. What is 
meaning of jail if the person imprisoned is getting all the benefits 
he or she used to get outside the jail. The legal system should be 
amended to incorporated heavy fine and penalties as per the capacity 
and nature of crimes done by the politicians and VVIPs who get such 
relaxed privileges in the jails. There must be some sort of 
rationalization of punishments. The time has come when the nation 
should look into the matters related to the privileges enjoyed by the 
politicians during the term of imprisonment so that the faith of 
public in the Indian Judiciary and Executive is intact
from:  Shashikant Nishant Sharma


With Regards
SureShot POST
New Delhi, India

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