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Wonderful Tips for Using Silent Body Language

This is really one of the one that I read and reviewed in last few days. I found this book full of easy to use and follow body language tricks which can really enhance our social influence and we can be a good communicator. The communication is two types verbal and non-verbal. The author has beautifully explained how to use and make it our habit in synthesizing both the language. The book is available free but it is worth hundreds of million dollars. The author has explained the postures of hand which is a major component of non-verbal communication in our day to day life. The author has suggested good number of such tricks and instructed easy to follow guidelines so that the thoughts become action and action become habit of our life. I would recommend this book to all the managers, technical persons and all who wish to make a social imprint. This book can be really more useful if we practice the suggestions given in the book. I would like to enlist few suggestions which I felt everybody should follow. 1. Stand to greet and meet people. 2. Smile while you meet someone. 3. Use effectively your non-verbal communication skill to gain an edge in professional life. 4. Be careful that what you say and what your body communicate, might make a huge difference. 5. Learn good things but more important thing is to practice it in real life. Hope to see more of my friends reading this wonderful book. I will scan through more books to bring out the gems for you to possess and cherish in your life.

Book Review by Shashikant Nishant Sharma

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Transform your Life

This is one of the book which I read recently and enjoyed it. The author has written this book or better say compiled this book after extensive practice and understanding of the benefits of yoga and meditation.

The book is small and yet the content of the book is something which will benefit you if you are searching for the peace of mind and transformation in your life. As you will find in this book how you can use the techniques of meditation in gaining the true balance of body and mind.

The book is good for those who wish to practice yoga or meditation.

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Stepwise Tips for Controlling Body Weight

If you in search of a book or say guide book which can help you in keeping control on your body weight or some tips to loose weight extra pounds then this is one of the book which I will recommend you to read. I have gone through this book and found many of the suggestions very useful and indeed some of them are really easy to practice for maintaining a good body shape.

I book can be a guide only what you have to do is to practice the body weight control measures or follow the noble tips given in the book. I have been fortunate to find this book available free of cost on Amazon.
You can also get it free if you take prompt action.
This book is recommended for those who are in search of ways to lose weight and those who are you tired of ways that do not work to help you lose weight.
On reading this book titled ‘Weight Loss Unleashed’ I have been able to set my path to losing weight. The effects of some of the measures are now showing results. 

Herbal Cure Made Easy

I recently read this book and I feel that this is one of those who are looking for alternatives to the many harmful side effects of traditional medicine.  The book has made me more curious about the herbs growing near my home. Really speaking there are many herbs which has been being used by many in getting cured for last hundreds of years. Herbs are not magic but depending on your needs there is a high chance there is a herb out there that can help you.

Now I feel that the book titled Power of Herbs is an excellent guide to using herbs to help relieve ailments. Author Val U has written this book nicely and he provides brief notes on many herbs and how to use them. Due precaution like which herbs should not be given to pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. If you are fed up with the modern medications which bring unwanted side effects. Some of the herbal medicine such as the ones found in this book, are often healthier, more economical, and sometimes even a more effective way to manage discomforts, colds, anxiety, insomnia, injuries, and even gas.

The entire book is beneficial for those who are using some forms of herbal cure as this will augment their understanding of some more useful herbs. A recommended book.

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Book Review: Declutter Your Life

The book shows how short, efficient decluttering sessions using time after work and brief interludes of free time on weekends can be more effective than a frontal assault on clutter. These short sessions, often carried out with the help of friends and family, keep stress and frustration at a minimum, and produce immediate results that you can see. As you progress through the declutter plan in the book, you’ll gain momentum that will propel you through the process and leave you clutter free at last.

The author deals with both the physical and emotional aspects of clutter and gives tips for maintaining your freedom from clutter after the 30 days are up. Take charge, free yourself from clutter, and find greater satisfaction with your life.

This is recommended book for making your life a bit easy.

Review by Shashikant Nishant Sharma

Making Money through Affiliate Marketing

I have read several books on the affiliate marketing and this one is something which instigated me to write comment. This book is good for those who wish to make money from the affiliate marketing. The best way to achieve this is through the online platform. The author has rightly suggested that you must have a good working blog or website to monetise. The book is helpful in understanding the ways through which one can make money off of the internet. The book teaches the readers how to make money by selling other people’s stuff by becoming an affiliate marketer.
The author give due cautions to the readers and says that making money as an affiliate marketer it is not so easy. When you become an affiliate you have to put a lot of hard work into getting leads and it is a full time job. But, as you progress, that full time will quickly turn into a few hours a day. It won’t be easy starting off to be an affiliate marketer, but the end result could leave you reaping big rewards. Find out if affiliate marketing is right for you today.

The book is full of good suggestions and guidelines which will help readers to use them in real life. A book recommended for those who are thinking of making money online.

Book Review by  Shashikant Nishant Sharma

Call for Books 4 Review

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Our motto is to serve better through interactive sessions of the commenting and reviewing books. The book promoters can find this platform most beneficial as they will get an opportunity to showcase their literary work free of cost.

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