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The global Corona Virus pandemic has taken many lives till now. People were not familiar about this deadly virus before the outbreak and are still confused about many things related to it. The increasing concerns of the people are also because of the myths and rumors which are being spread through various social media platforms. There are so many news and information about the prevention, and spreading of this virus , that people can’t decide what to believe. In this article I will be clearing some really popular myths about Corona virus which are currently the talk of the town.

5G MOBILE NETWORK SPREAD COVID-19 – This is a myth. The virus cannot travel on radio waves/mobile networks. Covid-19 is spreading in many countries which don’t have the facility of 5G mobile networks.

ONLY OLD PEOPLE ARE AFFECTED BY CORONA VIRUS – Although the ratio of old people getting infected by the virus is pretty higher but that doesn’t mean that the children and adults are completely safe. The reason of the higher percentage of old people getting affected is due to their weak immune system. People with pre-existing diabetes, kidney disease and heart condition are also at a higher risk of getting infected.

CORONA VIRUS DECREASES IN SUMMER SEASON – Although the previous corona virus- SARS and MERS , survived better in cold environments, there is no guarantee that the same will be true for Covid-19. From the evidence so far, this virus can be transmitted in all areas, including area with hot and humid weather.

EATING MEAT CAN CAUSE CORONA VIRUS – The virus doesn’t spread through meat- chicken, mutton or fish, and avoiding it doesn’t mean you will be safe.

SPRAYING ALCOHOL OR CHLORINE ALL OVER YOUR BODY CAN PREVENT YOU FROM CORONA VIRUS – Spraying alcohol or chlorine all over your body will not kill virus that have already entered your body. They are useful for disinfected surfaces when used under appropriate recommendations.

EATING GARLIC WILL PREVENT YOU FROM GETTING INFECTED – Because of the antimicrobial properties of garlic, people think it also prevent the corona virus.But the WHO has already cleared that there are no evidence that garlic can help us in preventing from corona virus too.

DOGS CAN CAUSE CORONA VIRUS – This myth started when the news of a dog getting infected from corona virus in Hong Kong was found. But later it was cleared that the dog owner was infected with the virus, and when tested, the virus was found in the dog’s canine.

VITAMIN C HELPS CURE THE INFECTION – Vitamin C was believed to have some healing benefits in the SARS outbreak. Besides, while vitamin C supplements may help boost your immune system, there is yet no evidence that it might help people fight off the new corona virus.