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The Millenial’s culture

Lingo is the new cool

Here,there,everywhere on the internet we find the new blood putting forward their ideas in an open manner, without being judged on the grounds of their maturity level or their age. The number of people using the social media handles is getting larger and larger every day and especially when it comes to the new age teens; they tend to post stories, posts and blogs on these platforms very blatantly. But that’s not enough- very one seeks out an easy mechanism to speak up their field of vision- the youngsters of our country or any country, do not lag behind in using “the lingos.” Yes, it sounds so awkward, instead of using a full fleshed word they go on to use abbreviations of these, but it is the only gospel truth. And why not? Living in an era as this, when pretending to be cool on social media platforms is the only way to survive the world, every individual strive to be the most influential one and is the root cause of rise of a problem which is huge, as huge as a mountain.

We all have gone to school, everybody have experienced that how preserving our teachers were, they made us grasp and master each and every spelling carefully. But, once the stories of their hard work is washed off from our minds, it’s gone then, never even unknowingly they struck in our minds. But unfortunately, this was not the day we digested so much of spellings and got beaten from our teachers when-

Perfect has been replaced with “perf”; though has become ” Tho”; through has been changed into “thru”; an enthusiastic yes has become ” Yaas”; they use words like “bruh” to signify a serious issue; “dead” is unapologetically used when someone is euphorically happy; family is replaced for “fam”, and so on and so forth.

All things considered it is a serious issue hanging out on the flanks of people’s eyesight, since at the end of the day, it is the Millenials who build up the social media and it is them on who’s shoulder the way to get a fresh breed of intellectuals is stationed.

Though the trend is going through all over the social media and these young buds are following it anyway, it has drastically changed the way they speak, they write and also the way they handle with their studies and stuff like that.

It sounds fun to use such lingos as these and that the planet has become flooded with such abbreviations but there are times when we go much out of our ways and start using them in our day to day routines, even with our parents who fails to understand what we want to convey and become “old, fogey and obstinate” Despite knowing the fact that “old never gets odd