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“YOUR HONOR”, SONY LIV’S new crime thriller web show is completely worth a wholesome watch. This show has been winning hearts since the day it went on air. This web show is an Indian adaptation of Israeli original show, “Kvodo”, directed by national award winner E. Nivas. The starcast involves Jimmy Shaergil and Mita Vashisht, along with Varun Badola, Yashpal Sharma and Suhasini Mulay in pivotal roles.

This hindi web series is shot in Ludhiyana, Punjab. Director E Niwas through his vision tries to portray how a person can go extra miles and break all the principles to save his loved ones. The plot revolves around the life of an old judge Bishan Khosla (Jimmy Shergil) who not only practices law but also lives by it. Known for his unbiased and fair judgment, Bishan has earned a lot of respect in the society. But things go haywire when he and his son gets involved in a hit and run accident case. Being a dedicated father and single dad he subverts all moralities and ethics to save his son. Bishan makes every possible effort to save his son but soon finds out that victim’s father is a violent and avenging gangster. To his dismay the victims father turns out to be the same gangster who was imprisoned as a consequence of Bishan’s judgment. The story shows that even though Bishan is an honorable man, he agrees to tweak his morality when it comes to his son.

Why to watch the show?

The plot of the show is captivating one. It will keep you engrossed as to what will happen next? Which character will take a certain decision? Another thing that will make you interested is its coherent dialogues and characters with their hard-hitting scenes. Talking about Jimmy Shergil he is the powerhouse of the show and makes the character of judge completely real. Besides Jimmy, Mita Vashisht is the one who gives complete justification to her role as a police inspector. The other supporting actors have also played their part to perfection.

So this show will completely capture your feelings and nuances. It will help you know how the mind battles between right and wrong. So if you are a lover of crime thriller then do spend some time on this wonderful experience.