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Volume – 03 Issue – 10

Deadline for Submission: 21st June 2016.
Manuscript Publication: 1st July 2016 

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Editor in Chief

Judicial Approach towards Combating Medical Negligence

Annu Bahl* & Dr. Rama Sharma**

*(Research Scholar) Assistant Professor Noida International University, Greater Noida annubahl@gmail.com

**(HOD) Associate Professor Delhi Metropolitan Education, Noida,sharmarama14@yahoo.com


The Medical profession has reached new horizons, facing many ethical and legal challenges in the practice of the profession. Doctor-Patient relationship is changing swiftly and adversely. The patient, who in earlier days had full faith in his treating doctor, now suspects negligence as a cause of his sufferings. Commercialization of modern medical practice, ignorance towards medical ethics, zero tolerance and high expectation of patients, inclusion of health care services within the ambit of Consumer Protection Act has ultimately created such a vicious circle which is manifesting as an ever increasing incidence of litigation against the doctors and hospitals. No doctor can afford to remain ignorant to the Ghost named “Medical Negligence or Malpractice”.

Key Words: Medical Negligence, Medical Profession, Service, Consumer Protection