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Amartya Sen’s -The Capability Approach

Life is full of surprise and miracles. The struggles of life teaches you a path but doesn’t define your qualities. Have you felt down for anything? Do you ever felt you are only reason for all your problems? Are you proud of what you’re doing or what you’ve done? Do you estimated your capabilities? Spare some time and answer to the questions. It will definitely define your capabilities of raising successful when others say you can’t.

What is Capability?
A capability is something a person is able to do . ( Capability defines for objects also). Let us take one example to explain capability
How the capability of students being tested in Foreign countries?
The indicating factors are life, body health, Integrity, senses, Imagination, Thoughts, Emotions, Practical Reasons ,Play and control over environment in which they are connected with core values of respect , caring ,fairness and their citizenship hence the schools believe when kids are kids as you can help them be the best they can be ,hopefully it turns out more capable.

Origin of capability approach
The capability approach was first articulated by the Indian Economist and philosopher Amartya Sen in 1980’s. Amartya
Sen contributed in the field of welfare economics, social choice theory, Development economy.Amartya Sen was looking for a practical approach of justice which is capable of elimination of all kinds of injustice in society. It is, for this reason, Amartya Sen develops a capability approach as a unique tool for evaluating issues like poverty, well beings, development, justice, equality, etc.

Amartya sen’s Capability Approach:
He is main aim is to exclude from all the traditional approaches to the economics of welfare. The main focus of this approach is on what individuals are able to do( I.e capable)

The Capability Approach focuses on purposeful capabilities of individuals, such as the ability to participate in economic transactions or to engage in political activity etc. Amartya Sen was of the opinion that an individual could be stripped of such capabilities for various reasons, such as government oppression, ignorance, lack of financial resources, etc. 

Amartya Sen uses the example of bicycle here. If you send a bicycle to a person who is disabled you haven’t improved the capacity of that person ,if the disabled person didn’t have capacity to ride a bicycle. This is to abstract the philosophy on concrete levels.

To all those above questions you have questioned yourself well, the answer should be determined by the development, justice , wellbeing, equality within yourself.According to Amartya Sen’s capability approach individuals should have the liberty to be able to make choices for the improvement of the quality of life by removing any problems that stands in the way of expanding their abilities. Develop the moral significance in you which builds up your capabilities results in a valuable life of a person. Don’t limit yourself to someone’s else opinion of your capabilities be you ,dream ,plan, excute.