Paper Formatting

Paper Format:

Authors of reports of original research should present an accurate research work performed as well as an objective discussion of its significance.

The submitted paper must contain

  1. Title of the Paper
  2. Author’s Name
  3. Abstract
  4. Keywords or Phrases (Maximum 10)
  5. Introduction
  6. Findings and Analysis
  7. Recommendations
  8. Conclusions
  9. Author’s Biography (Maximum 300 -500 words)
  10. List of References or Bibliography

Acknowledgement of Sources:

Proper acknowledgment of the work of others must always be given. In the list of references mention those sources which have been used in the article. Authors are suggested to follow the APA format of referencing.

No. of Pages:

The research article should contain minimum 5 pages to maximum of 30 pages. All pages are strictly formatted accordingly to the International Journal of Research (IJR) in double column format provided on the website.

Originality and Plagiarism:

The authors should ensure that they have written entirely original works, and if the authors have used the work this has been appropriately cited or quoted.

Steps of paper publishing

There are following simple steps for publishing paper in International Journal of Research (IJR)

  1. Author prepares paper as per Paper preparation guidelines (See the attached format).
  2. Authors have to submit paper through mail at
  3. You will get acknowledgment within 24 hr of submission of paper.
  4. Within 7-10 days, you will get review report.
  5. (a) If a paper is rejected, it cannot be published in The International Journal of Research. (b) If the paper is accepted, author need to deposit fees in the given account with review report.
  6. After deposition fees you have to send the scan copy of bank receipt, filled copy right form and Registration form to International Journal of Research (IJR) at
  7. You will get acknowledgment mail and publication schedule within 24 hrs.
  8. Your paper will get published as per given schedule.

Note: Here is the Sample File for Formatting your Article for Publication


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  1. I submitted an article for publication titled: ‘Labour Crises and Employee Invention: Need for Authoritative Legislation’. It has been more than 3 days now. I am yet to get an email acknowledging receipt of the article.


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