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Ubud, The Ultimate Tourist Destination

Ubud is undoubtedly the cultural capital of Indonesia. Many tourists come to this place to see the traditional dance and drama of Balinese culture. It is also home to the Balinese royal family and has various museums that display the rich culture and heritage of the region. Let us see some of the top attractions of this place.

Ubud, The Ultimate Tourist Destination

Agung Jagatnatha Temple of Ubud

The temple is dedicated to Sanghyang Widi Wasa and happens to be the biggest temple of the region. The Temple Management organizes two festivals every month based on the lunar cycle. You can visit the place during full moon day and get to enjoy special ceremony. In the same way, you can also consider visiting the temple on the new moon day and take part in the traditional rituals. The unique part of the temple is the Shrine that is designed in the form of a Lotus Throne. This is also commonly known as Padmasana according to local culture. It consists of Empty Throne made of white coral material. It has amazing stone carvings and other inscriptions that describe various stories of Hindu gods.

Mountain villages of Bali

The amazing hamlets host different communities that have their own culture and dialect. They are also known locally as Bali Aga Villages. The region is famous for music and arts of the primitive culture. If you want to visit this place, make sure that you follow the instructions of the local people completely. Outsiders are not allowed to stay in the place after evening hours as the local people strictly follow the traditions even to this day. The best time to visit this place is during the months of June and July when the three day festival of Udaba Sambah is held in Tenganan village. The unique cultural aspect of this village is that it prohibits polygamy and divorce.

Health Resorts

Bali is one of the premier locations for health and wellness holidays and is home to some of the best retreats in the world. Bali Weight Loss deserves a special mention as it has received world renowned recognition and is said to have even beeb attended by Michelle Obama.

Bird Park of Bali

The amazing Bird Sanctuary is home to more than 250 species of birds from Indonesia and other regions of the world. It is also rich in flora and has more than 2000 topical plants. Bird lovers come to this place to catch a glimpse of various birds including Barred Eagle Owl, Wreathed Hornbill, Jawa Hawk and the Bali Starling. The unique aspect of this Sanctuary is that the birds are comfortable with tourists walking around the place and you can enjoy your time during the vacation. The best time to visit this place is during the early morning hours when the birds are most active.

Elephant Park of Bali

This is the best place to visit in Bali if you love adventure sports. You can indulge in white water rafting and trek and cycle through the amazing jungles of Bali. You can also enjoy the amazing ride on the Sumatran elephants to get the complete view of the surrounding villages. Tourists often come to this place to enjoy the beautiful view of paddy fields along the Melangit River. In the background, you can also get to have a glimpse of the Blue Sea at the Nusa Penida Island.

Kite Festival of Bali

July is the best place to visit the Padang Galak Beach of Sanur to watch the annual Kite Festival of Bali. You will be surprised to see many international teams coming to this place to compete with local teams. Participants from as many as 11 different countries take part in the event to compete in different categories. Points are given for the successful launch of the kite and the duration of flight. Along with that, the grace with which the kite is handled is also considered while announcing the winners.

Stone sculptures of Batubulan market

This is the best place to visit to get amazing stone sculptures of the region. You can get any variety ranging from contemporary to traditional in different sizes at this place. The unique feature of this market is that the craftsman can custom design the sculptures according to your choice. You will have complete flexibility with regards to choosing the size and material of the sculpture. However, the region is traditionally famous for soft volcanic rock sculptures. Earlier, they were used as ornaments for various temples and even the palaces of the region had many decorative items made of this material.

Badung Market of Bali

This is the largest Market of Bali and is open throughout the day. You can get to buy the best articles that signify the arts and crafts of this region. It has 4 levels with each one dedicated to selling different varieties of products. You can get to buy fresh produce on the ground floor and the upper levels are dedicated to different textiles and handicrafts. You can also catch a glimpse of the Badung River that is situated next to the market. Make sure that you bargain to get the best deals in this place.

These are some of the top attractions of the region. You can get in touch with the leading travel agencies of the region to get suitable transport and accommodation facility during your vacation. The local people of the region are very friendly and you need not worry about anything during your holidays. However, it is a good idea to maintain appropriate dressing sense considering the traditional mindset of the local people.


Bahai Lotus Temple- “Temple of Peace”


The Bahai Lotus Temple is situated int he heart of the metropolitan city of Delhi yet you will feel the peace and calmness that exist here which is becoming rare day by day due to increasing number of vehicles and sound pollution.

The temple is designed in such a manner as you make you feel one with the nature and enjoy the peace of mind.

You will find a nearby metro station which has made this monument more accessible to people coming from other countries.

You can enjoy the ISKON temple which is situated nearby this monument of Delhi.

A Visit to Gurh, Madhya Pradesh

Gurh is a small town 22 km away from Rewa, district head quarter. The area if the town is 850ha and population is 14590 as per the latest census 2011. The town can be reached through bus, jeep.

Now let’s see what is to be seen in the small town of the Madhya Pradesh.

At town level, Gurh has few tourist destination i.e. Kashtaharnath Temple and the old fort is notable among them. The old fort built by Jayant Rao is lying in dilapidated condition due to the negligence of the archaeological and tourism department of of the state. Currently, a a portion of the old fort has been converted into high school which is being expanded in the compound of the fort. The grim negligence of the heritage structure is quite visible as you can see a toilet has been constructed in the interior part of the fort. The existing water bodies (i.e. river front development of Bhichhiya and Bihiya and ponds) can be developed as recreational area for town and also as a major eco-tourism site for the locals. Baba Bhairao temple is situated at a distance of 5km from the town and the place has good potential for tourism as the area has good scenic beauty. The idol is in lying position having a length of 24ft. Yearly, fair is held during the month of July-August near the premises of the temple. There is lack of sufficient and efficient modes of transportation, infrastructure services in town that can hold the tourist. Tourist coming to Orchha or Khajuraho, Maihar, Panna National Park, Bandhavgarh National Park can be tapped. Thus, the town Gurh falls under Khajuraho–Panna–Bandhavgarh-Chitrakoot-Allahabad tourist circuit.

Two day fair is organised at Kashtaharnath Temple on Vasant Panchmi amd Shivratri. A fair is also organised at the Dam on the way to Nagar Parishad while going there from Rewa.

Hanuman Mandir is also good for attacting local tourists in the month of November. And Ram-vivah programme is organised during the event.

Unfortunately, the town has not been able to capitalize its potential in this sector as the site is in un- developed stage and lacks sufficient and efficient modes of transportation, infrastructure services such as street lights, public drinking water, public toilets, eating places etc. that can hold the tourist.

Delhi: The City of Heritage

Delhi is a living legendary city of India. It has been the capital of many kingdom from ancient Mahabharata Period to Modern era. It has evolved and adjusted to the varying needs of people of different times and stood a testimony to time.


Every ruler added sometimes in the charms and beauty of Delhi. If you take time and visit Delhi you can see the remains of seven genre of Delhi. When I was in my home town or earlier at village I used to see the beauty and splendor of Delhi in books and on Doordarshan. But now when I am living in Delhi sometimes  while walking on the streets of Delhi I feel the unfolding pages of history and glimpses of Ancient, Medieval and Modern time coming in view occasionally and in some areas frequently when you visit such places like Chandni Chowk, the narrow lanes of Jama Masjid areas. The efforts of Archaeological Survey of India, Delhi Development Authority, Delhi Urban Arts Commission and Municipal Corporation are really commendable for their integrated efforts in preserving the rich cultural and architectural heritage and praiseworthy attempts to keep apace with the requirement of development and economic progress. There are many development projects going on in the city. Sometimes to make space for new development and accommodation of increased needs and requirements lead to necessity of redevelopment. And here comes the responsibility and rational decision making by the public authority. The various redevelopment and renewal programs should be guided by values that value addition should not lead to value reduction or neutralization of the rich cultural and architectural heritage of India present in Delhi.

Purana Qila: Most Visited Place in Delhi

Indraprastha, the original city of Delhi was supposed to be constructed where now exists the Purana Qila. The Afghan ruler, Sher Shah, who briefly interrupted the Mughal Empire by defeating Humayun, completed the fort during his reign from 1538-45.


Pandavas had built their capital, Indraprastha at the place where the old fort stands today. This fort, now in ruins, was the seat for administration for many emperors. The legendary Prithviraj Chauhan ruled from here till he was defeated by Abdali in the battle of Panipat.

The fort is located south-east of the India Gate and north of Humayun’s Tomb and the Nizamuddin railway station. It has massive walls and three large gateways. There is a small octagonal red sandstone tower, the Sher Mandal, in side the fort near the South gate. It was later used by Humayun as a library. While descending the stairs of this tower one day in 1556, Humayun slipped, fell and received injuries from which he later died. The Qila-i-Kuhran Mosque, or Mosque of Sher Shah, lies just beyond it and is in a fairly reasonable condition.

A nice place to visit while visiting Delhi. In evening you will find the place very appealing. You can see the transformation of Delhi from the ramparts of the Qila. There is a small archaeological museum just inside the main gate. A new light & sound show is held by the Department of Delhi Tourism every evening. Timings and Tickets are available from the tourist office.